Inaccurate review by guest

I have just had a guest leave after three weeks. I have always got five stars for the room in question and people have commented on the storage. My guests tend to stay for several months because they are working. He said in his review that I had a lot of “my personal possessions in the room and that there was a lack of storage”. In fact usually people comment on how much storage there is.
I have a book shelf with my books on it. The guest has a chest of drawers with six drawers, three shelves of a book shelf a double wardrobe with drawers and a single wardrobe.

I would be interested in how others would address this.

As long as your listing accurately describes how much storage there is I’d ignore it. If someone is going to book and they are concerned they might ask you and you can clarify. Maybe add pictures showing the empty storage spaces if you don’t have them already.

I might privately message the fellow and ask what more he needed or why he didn’t ask about having the books removed if they were in his way. I’d only do this if I liked the guy or hoped to have him back, otherwise…ignore.


In this case it may be worth saying

“I’m sorry you didn’t tell me of the storage issue during the three months you were here; I would have been more than happy to have solved this problem. In the past guests have been satisfied with the 2 wardrobes, chest of drawers, and several shelves of the bookcase. I’m sorry you were inconvenienced”


More than enough storage for three weeks. This guy obviously expected an empty room. I have things stored under the bed in my room and not one person has complained.

If you absolutely feel you MUST reply (generally not a good idea as you can come across sounding petty) then I would use what @dcmooney wrote

If you reply, stick to the facts.
Storage is provided and entails…
But keep in mind your response and their review are expanded.

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Which is why I’d advise hosts to stop worrying about inaccurate reviews. One dodgy review about storage is unlikely to put anyone off.

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