In need of free barebones research app

Do you know a cheap or free primitive app to check basics like vacancy rate that has fewer features and less cost than Airdna and Mashvisor? Manually checking calendars can lead to errors because you don’t know if certain dates are blocked off and of course you can’t see historic data.

One thing I found out today that is helpful and totally free is Mashvisor’s feature that shows you how much revenue an Airbnb actually made per month and for a good 12 month span of history. Of course, I have no idea how accurate it is.

Are you asking about analysis of competitors? How could Mashvisor know the difference between an AirBnB booking, a blocked date, and a booking from some other website?

I can guarantee you that no-one knows ‘how much revenue an Airbnb actually made’. You might be able to ascertain how much a rental grossed but this gives you no indication of how much the rental made.

Sure, you can find out online how much property tax a rental might have to pay but you’ll have a very hard time determining how much that rental’s expenses are - and therefore the net.

You could look at two rentals that are seemingly identical - one can have a huge mortgage and the other could be owned free and clear, for example. So I’m not really sure what you’re looking for?

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