In case any one might be interested in this

We might be re-locating to Co Cork, Ireland, for Mr Joan’s work, particularly if the upcoming UK Budget is as penalising as expected.

So as is my wont, I have been indulging in my favourite hobby of property porn, in Co. Cork.

I found an amazing guest house, Abbey View, for sale on the Atlantic Coast/Blackwater Estuary on a property website called (useless at posting links) in a town called Youghal.

Sadly we decided it’s not for us/me. Too big to manage with my aging bones, and too far from Cork City to commute comfortably.

A Regency beauty, priced at euro 400,000, it has six all en-suite rooms, a two bedroom apartment, sitting room, dining room, kitchen (unfitted), courtyard, parking x 2, and a two bedroom, both en-suite Coach House to the rear. It is gobsmackingly ,beautifully restored. And a bargain.

They are selling another one around the corner, Devon View, for euro 600,000 with nine rooms en-suite, plus owner’s accommodation, an even more glorious Georgian refurb.

Quite a lifestyle change on offer and was too good not to broadcast!


@Joan what a lovely opportunity for you and Mr J.

I love Cork - do check out the English Market, Crawford Gallery and Butter Museum

Nearby Cobh is a beautiful seaport town which has a chequered history as it was used as the main port for Irish immigration when many thousands left to escape the famine.

Youghal is lovely too, we take our dogs for walks there.

Great minds, as they say. It’s Cobh we are particularly interested in! It looks lovely (apart from the cruise ships…), and has a railway line into Cork itself in 25 minutes.

I think if the Abbey View property was in Cobh, I would simply go for it, aged knees or not.

A great pastime.

We spent about three months doing the same before we moved here. Had this great big list of places to see and agents to contact but didn’t want to tempt fate by doing anything solid before our place in the UK was definitely sold.

Came over in July of 2018 for a week with a list as long as your arm.

Within three days had an offer accepted for here and found a rental flat for the August. Actually only looked at two of the properties on our list!


My favorite hobby, too!