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Improve Your Airbnb Listings!

Hey Everyone!

I am an AirBnB guru who has more than doubled her income in less than a year by successfully starting just one AirBnB. I have helped many people start and successfully run a profitable AirBnB.

I will completely rejuvenate your listing AND profile, including researching, editing, new pics, etc

Boy do I dislike it when people call themselves a ‘guru’ - what a misused word :frowning:

You come to a forum where many are long established hosts (for much longer than the year you have been doing it), and where we provide each other with the sort of information you are charging for, for free. And then have the cheek to ask people to pay you for your advice.


Guru went out of style with Timothy Leary (except in India), but you’re probably too young to remember him.

I agree with Helsi. There hundreds of years of Superhost experience here that we gladly and unabashedly share freely with others. You show up here on your first day, without apparently having read or made a single post other post, and want us to pay for your single year so-called experience??

Your Trust Level on this site is New User. Wear that badge with humility for however long it takes to earn the next Trust Level before “trying to teach yer grandma to suck eggs”. Please.


Do you think we were born yesterday? :smile:


Remember the host that came on bragging about her 6 weeks (or something like that) of 5 star reviews and told us what we needed to do to guarantee our own 5 star results? Wheee…


Looking at her profile picture convinces me that I was hosting before @amyyvonne was born. :blush:


I just saw your listings. They are both nice but I don’t see anything special that makes you a ‘guru’.


Hey Amy, glad you’ve had some success on Airbnb. You might want to check out your competitors AirSpruced.

As others have noted there’s a wealth of experience on here, but you will probably find a market with new hosts who may need hand holding. :slight_smile:

Best of luck !

:slight_smile: tough crowd. I’ve been doing this longer than 1 year. I’ve only had my current listing one year. This post is for newer inexperienced hosts who would like some consulting/editing to help improve their listing. If that’s not you, that’s fine. I’ve helped many people and it takes hours to improve some listings and so of course I’m charging. I give advice for free just like you do. This is different. And guru is a synonym for specialist. Based on the study I’ve put in over years on how to improve hosting, I am a specialist/guru. Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Zandra, thanks. I thought this was a airbnb forum for all levels and did not realize it was more seasoned veterans. Hopefully I can still help someone.

Dirk, that is not the only listing I’ve had. A guru is just another term for specialist. I’ve studied this for years now, that is why I said “guru.” It’s just the first word that I thought of to describe specialist in a more culturally relevant way. Thanks.

Jaquo, age is irrelevant darling. Thanks for your positive feedback & support. Also, Airbnb has only been around 8 years, so that was a silly thing to say.

What a welcoming group you all are. :slight_smile:

No, I’m afraid that your comment was a silly thing to say as you seem to fail to realise that people have been hosting paying guests in their homes and in their rental properties for much longer than you seem to think. It didn’t start with Airbnb, you know. I realise this might surprise you.

Age is irrelevant? Maybe. Experience however, is not,


Guru is funny and you got my attention with this. I was curious what a specialist’s listing would look like and I wanted to know what service could offer for $50.

Your descriptions are nice but a bit over the top. The pics are okay but I think a professional Airbnb photographer could do better for free. Personally I don’t like stock photos like the pizza. Also your ranking in the Airbnb search is not excellent.

Your guests seem to be very happy but can you teach hospitality to other hosts? I know one person from this forum that would be a challenge.

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Now we’re talking! :slight_smile: Experience is not irrelevant! Thats awesome that you were part of the culture before it became organized! Looking forward to adding on to my years of experience so I can be a pro like you! :slight_smile:

Why is this becoming like a live argument? :frowning:

How do you see her listings? I would be interested to see what she does.

It is indeed for all levels of host. and some of the newbs will definitely be interested in what you have to say. Maybe some of the more experienced hosts too.

It can be a tough crowd, I got roasted too lol but I can honestly say there is a huge wealth of experience on these forums, and I’d recommend you find a way to be a valued member of the community if you can. Do we always agree with each other? Nope. But we still all have hosting in common and ultimately this draws us together. No-one bears a grudge so the roasting you get on one thread won’t follow you to another if people see you’re making a meaningful contribution.

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You might want to take it to Reddit or someplace with some real beginners. Most people here know what they are doing and wouldn’t bother to read a beginner’s tips, much less pay a penny for them.

I HATE that word guru by the way. Almost as much as corporations who say they want to “reach out.” Every time Bank of America tried to grab my house they would “reach out.” They can go to he*l. I hate them with a passion that burns bright.

But guru? Even Tony Robbins has a new movie called “I am not your guru.” :smiley:

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