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Important cleaning tip


After I think I have cleaned the Airbnb room the very last thing I do is I go around with a very bright flashlight and my Dustbuster I walk through the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room and bedroom with my spotlight and Dustbuster and pick up the little hairs that you can’t really see or you’ve missed when you’ve cleaned the spotlight will for sure pick them up. The other thing that I have noticed a lot of the extra hairs that I pick up on the second trip around are hairs that get tangled around chair legs etc . I always pick up a minimum of 10 extra hairs when I do my very last walk-through. I also put the flashlight in the shower you’d be surprised how much hair you can find when you light it up. Once it’s clean I try to only walk in the room w stocking feet I don’t want to track any dirt in.


Headlamp, sticky roller, and magic eraser are my cleaning non-negotiables.


Yes the sticky roller is great!The hotels have sticky rollers to be used on the floor,they have a broom handle attached. That way they can cleanup carpets without making noise if someone is having a meeting and doesn’t want any noise.


I have really long dark hair. During the last turnover my cleaner texts me… “No offense but I don’t like guests with long dark hair. It’s EVERYWHERE.”

She never complains about pet hair, only guests with long dark hair lol and can’t help but chuckle … I feel her pain. It gets EVERYWHERE lol


That’s why I put gel in my hair and put up in a tight bun because I don’t want to shed when I’m getting the house ready for guests. My hair too is long and dark.


I leave the cleaning for the professionals


As the English writer Shirley Conran wrote in her 1975 book Superwoman, aimed at busy women: “Life is too short to stuff a mushroom”


dyson animal. picks up everything. even stain on your conscience


AHA! Huge controversy this weekend. Turns out this Dyson is nothing short of amazing, and partner wanted to be the first to have one!!! $505cad tax in Wal-Mart.ca


Even better try one of these. You’ll be amazed at what you can see:

LOFTEK UV Flashlight Black Light


it is. i would marry mine, if I could.

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I vacuum the dry bathtub, drains and shower walls with it.

Highly recommended


Of course, the long, light hair is there too, just not visible.

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The Dyson is my magic helper! But, admittedly hair is tough! Usually, takes me two go-arounds to get everything.

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