IMPORTANT! Can we no longer reply to guest messages via SMS (text)? What happened to "keeping it on the platform"?

I know, but this makes it that much more acceptable for guests to message that way rather than though the Airbnb system, which is where I think most hosts would prefer to keep track of it.

had a situation yesterday with messaging. Guest is a new member and has 3 children in his party. My STR is old and has valuable furniture installed and a pool. I am asking him - age of the children and can the children swim, the make up of his group, and very nicely - are his children well behaved and respectful to others and their belongings.
He is getting increasing cranky with me, and english is not his first language. He says he has answered and I am not getting answers and keep asking the same questions.
In the end I point out that he must answer through the app - the light bulb goes on and he answers via the app and is now booked.

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I’ve just started getting this in the last few days. A right pain if I’m in Deal (town…) where the signal is notoriously awful, and I have to nip in somewhere with wifi.

Did anyone ever find a resolution to this? I am still not able to reply to guest’s text messages unless I open the ABnB app.

I think The Husband said there was a solution, he’d sort it out. That was about 4 months ago…

We spent an hour trying to get them just to answer the phone today to see if they could answer this question. No one answers the phone.

I’ll try to remember to ask Himself when he’s back tonight.

I asked, and was told he couldn’t possible have said he could sort it out, only Air can.

My diagnosis is Korsakoffs Dementia; both of us!

Sorry not to deliver.

the experience described above has always been my experience. That the text notification is simple a notification - you have to go to the App to reply. You can certainly text the guest directly to the phone number provided but not from the app notification.

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I used to be able to receive and reply to guests by text. It changed some
months ago and is very inconvenient now. The app does not work very good
on my phone and that forces me outside of the system and using their direct
phone number. Seems counter-productive all the way around.

I always use the app to communicate and have never had a problem.

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