IMPORTANT! Can we no longer reply to guest messages via SMS (text)? What happened to "keeping it on the platform"?

I received a booked (for tomorrow) Airbnb guest’s message via Airbnb text and tried to reply and I got this immediate reply: "To reply, use the Airbnb app, visit or SMS (guest name here) directly at (guests actual phone number).

What? What about keeping everything in the app?

WTF. Just checked “the app” and my message was not sent. What kind of fresh hell is this? Nice to be notified. Like I want to pull up the app (which doesn’t work on my phone anyway) every time I get a message.

If anyone would like to try to message a guest via text so I can see if it’s just me on my ancient windows phone, I’d be grateful!

I got the same thing!!!



Maybe it’s too expensive for them to do SMS anymore!


EXACTLY what I was just thinking. You read my mind.


I changed the title, because I do think it’s important. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in Palm Springs, Ca and it worked. Perhaps Air is updating software?

I’m in Chicago. 202020

Same here - I am in Australia

To be clear, you mean the Airbnb messaging system, right? That web page (and form) where you type in stuff.

It’s fine for me…

Do you use the app? I find that easy, half the message usually gets cut off in texts anyway.

Wonder if guests will get that same thing? I use the message thread 100% but about 50% of guests use SMS. So am I going to have to start matching phone numbers to figure out what guest is texting me?

Not the web page…that’s still functional… the SMS feature appears to be gone.

It’s a thing:

Just tested as a guest with my sister"s Airbnb house.
As a guest I also get the message to use app.
So once booked, if you have 4 upcoming guests you could have 4 separate people direct texting you and not identifying who they are.

Did your message your received as a guest also include your host’s personal phone number? UGH.

Guests already were given your phone # when they make a reservation.