Import Airbnb Host Performance Metrics

Hi Fellow Airbnb Hosts,

I love the data and metrics that Airbnb supplies to hosts, like us, looking to use data to improve their performance and guest experience.

I have been trying to see if there is a way to import the data (specificly the time bound data) so that I can make better decisions to focus improvement areas.

If anyone has any clues or ideas to help get access to this so that we all can improve that would be great.


Hey Michael,

Not sure if it helps, but you can view a summary of your average daily rate, occupancy, RevPAN, and average length of stay over time on the Stats page on Beyond Pricing. It’s free to connect your Airbnb account and it automatically summarizes that data for you. You don’t need to use the pricing stuff (just leave “Sync” off).

Here’s an example, if it’s useful.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the note. I reviewed the product and I really like the idea and concept.

I’m not sure how it differs from Airbnb’s own smart pricing but I can say that I have tried that and it does not fit my particular application - as the pricing sets to low and would be a huge opportunity cost to leave it in place.

Another challege for folks like myself is multiple marketing platforms - like HomeAway - that don’t get captured in the data.

I have multiple listings that fit both the Airbnb / HomeAway model and would really like to see something that pulls all data to analyze and improve.


You are the creative director of Wheelhouse, and you have created your account 9 minutes ago. Please be honest about who you are. @ianmchenry and I are.


But Michael your first post was rather disingenuous.

You stated ‘I have started using Wheelhouse Pricing, and they have amazing data and metrics’. And ended it by saying ‘I highly recommend’… unsurprising really as you are one of their directors :frowning:

This is a forum for hosts and it’s great to have new hosts join and contribute, as long as they leave their commercial interests behind and don’t use it as an opportunity to flog their products :slight_smile:

You better tell them, then Michael they have you down on their website as their Creative Director :nerd:

I think there are two meanings for director in this case. Directors, i.e. the ownership/board of directors, vs the functional director who lead a specific area of expertise. English is confusing sometimes.

Too true whichever one you are referring to a director is a director - not a brand consultant :slight_smile:

Well, I am not sure who to compliment now, but whoever directed the creation of this website did a very fine job.


I’m sure you’ll want to ask them to change your title then :slight_smile:

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