Impact of declining booking requests if you are on IB

Recently, I have received “request to book” from two guests although I’m on IB. I have no restrictions on who can book.

My guess is some other hosts must have selected the “would not host again” option with these profiles, so they were unable to instant book. One of them wanted to stuff people on the couch and bring an airbed so I declined her immediately. The other didn’t have any obvious red flags so I accepted.

I’m curious though if simply declining them would have any issues since I’m on IB. My understanding is declining requests to book won’t impact me as I’m on instant book and won’t affect SH qualifications. Although I declined one request to book it did not affect my “acceptance rate”. Just wanted to check if others have similar experiences.

I declined a couple in a row a couple years ago and punished me by taking away instan book for awhile.

If it comes up again I will tell them they need to withdraw the request so they can find another place.


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I will keep this in mind.

I requested the person who wanted to exceed occupancy to withdraw her request. She started arguing saying they will be comfortable sleeping on the floor, etc. She did not withdraw right away so I declined her to unblock the calendar as the check-in was in 4 days.

Next time I will have to use stronger language with such weirdos.

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It’s possible, but I wasn’t aware of any special rules for IB hosts as far as requests are concerned. Declining requests dings your acceptance rating and if you decline “too much”, whatever Airbnb’s criteria is for that, they send threatening messages.

I think they calculate the acceptance rate based on IB as well. I don’t get that many RTBs (since I have IB) so if they only count RTBs in the denominator, I’d have been kicked out long time ago.

What I’m still confused about is that the decline didn’t affect my acceptance rate. It has been over a week since I did the last decline so I know it’s not a lag in database sync.

I’ve declined some for legitimate reasons, like over max occupancy, and also had it not affect my acceptance rate. It must have something to do with the reason chosen or a keyword in the messaging, but I’ve had the same scenario.

Nope, you’re mistaken. Declining guests does affect your response rate, which then lowers your ratings for SH.

ALWAYS ask a guest to cancel a request to book. Let inquiries expire as just replying within a short time keeps your numbers up.

Response rate has to be 90% though, not 100%. So as long as one uses their declines judiciously they might be okay.

Thanks… I plan to request them to withdraw their request but in case they don’t I will have to use the decline option.

I don’t want to host anyone who wants to bring in too many people.

I’ve declined guests, even 2 back to back before and I’ve got 100% response rate so this is not accurate.

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Don’t use the decline option - CALL ABB and tell them to check the messages because your max is X number of people and these folks are already breaking HR and you’re not comfortable with hosting them.


Your response rate isn’t the issue in this case. It’s using the decline button.

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Wrong- declining affects Acceptance rate, not response rate. Response rate is lowered if you let an Inquiry or Request expire without taking the required steps to respond.

Acceptance rate does not factor into Superhost.

Tell that to the 4 CS agents I spoke to recently.

Are you suggesting that CS reps give out correct information?

Obviously Acceptance Rate refers to the percentage of requests you accept, and Response Rate refers to whether you responded to requests and inquiries within the 24 hr. window.

Then there needs to be a change in wording because y’all are using the words response rate. That’s my point.
Edit: I was responding to comment & apparently that part isn’t showing up.

Honestly, the CS agents don’t know anything that’s not on script, ending with I am going to be off the next two days…