I'm reading a thread here...out of nowhere guest is giving BF massage

So incredibly cool! She’s a massage therapist and he’s in much need. The guests (3) were all hanging out on the back deck and apparently she offered (she’s offered more than once this trip but he’s somewhat regretfully declined.) I’m so glad, his shoulder has been vexing him despite lot’s of physical therapy.


EDIT: OK, someone tell me why this could be inappropriate or not ok. Hmmm. I’m ok with it 200% They’ve been here 6 days (private bed/bath, everything else shared with the two of us)

What could possibly go wrong?

I don’t really see a thread here. Is is fair on your guests to notice all of this or pass comment? It’s their business.

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Sorry @joan to clarify, I was in my office reading “this thread” meaning another thread… inconsequential which one. I opened a new window to just say right away how awesome this lady was to work on my partners back. He didn’t ask and she insisted.

I am saying nice things here… it’s going on right in front of me and I’m much obliged to her.

No bad intent. She had a lot go on recently, and enjoys helping others with her skills for free or mutually beneficial trade, if she will even accept it. We will be sending her a “kind” gift basket in return from My town to hers, which she definitely enjoys. That’s it. That’s all.

Let me know what line I crossed if any? I need to know these things.

Nothing! I was just checking, like someone might fire back with liability issues or…? My OP was poorly written and in haste. Oops.

I was just pointing out he positives I personally have experienced “hosting” in another earlier thread. The massage was a real time example. I will find that thread.

Here is the thread I was reading and had just followed up on because nice things were happening in real time. Doesn’t matter though. Hopefully this makes sense. I was not spying on my bf and guest activities.

This is also too cumbersome for my iPhone skills. I’ll stick to the laptop.

Thanks for the clarification. The way I read it was that it was the therapist giving her own b/f a massage, not your boyfriend!

Google “Gunn IMS” treatment, and look for a local Gunn accredited IMS practitioner for his shoulder. Good luck; it’s kept me mobile for 20+ years, and pain free most of the time.

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Reminds me of a couple of years ago when my wife was giving a guest (a very laid-back, hippyish family)the tour of the property. She mentioned the tendonitis in her shoulder. A few minutes later I turned the corner and found him trying to heal her by drawing the pain out of her shoulder with “the magnetic energy” in his hands! There was nothing erotic about it but we both found it very weird and had to politely decline his services with out offending. Since then they have stayed at our place several times as a stop-over on the drive to their summer camping spot, and they are a very nice, respectful, albeit atypical, family.
So it takes all kinds!

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Will check it out. Chronic shoulder pain is tough to treat!

Send her my way. In 202020

Just make sure it’s an accredited Gunn IMS therapist. There are charlatans out there! Lots of clinical papers on-line about Chan Gunn and his work worth reading to get a sense of what it’s about physiologically.

Good luck!

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