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I'm looking to purchase a casing for my memory foam topper


I’m sorry to start a whole new topic, but does such a thing exist? I have a 4 inch thick memory foam topper (lays on top of the mattress, not a memory foam mattress proper.) I want to put it in some sort of protective casing aside from just the mattress pad that encases both the topper and the mattress. Like a cotton/zippered pillow case cover, but for the memory foam.

My nightmare guests effed this all up too!! So much more that I haven’t had a chance to share yet.

I must be using the wrong search terms on Amazon and Overstock, because I’m having no luck finding such an item. Maybe there isn’t one available to purchase separately. This thing cost me $375 U.S. and I want protection for it (not water proof, cotton would be great.) Moreover, aside from protection, it is NOW unsightly! I would not like the guests of the bed-stripping-sort examining this.

Nightmare guests. The gift that just keeps on giving. :angry:


Try the search terms “zippered mattress topper cover” and/ or “zippered mattress topper cover only”. Amazon has them, www.mattresses.net, bed bath & beyond and many more… About $30-$50…


On Amazon they have this - SoftHeaven Topper Cover All Around Zipper Non Skid Bottom Hypoallergenic Bed Bug Dust Mite Luxury Jacquard Velour Fabric Cover for 2", 3", or 4" thick Memory Foam Latex Mattress Pad, Full, 54" x 74". Or you could get a fully inclosed mattress protector that will zipper around the mattress and the topper. I don’t think too many people would be inclined to unzip a full mattress protector and this system would save the bed if you ever got bed bugs - heaven forbid!


Thanks, I’ll look again, I did not use the word “only” so maybe that’s why I was having so much trouble! Thank you!

I will search for this item as well. I can’t imagine bed bugs! Don’t even think it, LOL! I appreciate the advice.



Thanks @brandt, I wonder if this breaths well or if that really matters since I have a pretty plush cotton mattress cover over the memory foam already…I’m not so sure memory foam on it’s own really “breaths” well anyway, so maybe this is worth a try!


I use this one.
Allerease Maximum Bedbug & Allergy Protection Mattress Protector
I purchased from Kohls.
It is quiet - not crackly. I use it on the mattress and the 3 inch topper. It fits both, but you could use it only on the memory foam.


I didn’t check all the previously posted links so adding this. https://www.amazon.com/SoftHeaven-Cover-Hypoallergenic-Velour-Full/dp/B00F3MS0QQ


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Yes @K9KarmaCasa, @BurmaPark posted about this same topper cover. I will eventually get one of these solutions for my topper and/or one that is inclusive of the mattress. For now I just put on an organic cotton bottom sheet over the topper and tucked it in super tight around it. It works fine for now and is something I can easily launder and not worry about cramming in the (sticky-ish) topper into a zipper cover. I realized that making the bed by myself often, this would be impossible for me to do without a lot of effort! The bottom sheet seems to work fine, plus a of course a nice mattress pad and another top sheet over that.

My concern was for “bed strippers” to see the stains on the topper, they are not gross but unsightly. But since I’ve been leaving “please don’t strip the beds…” in my checkout note, I’ve not have had anyone do this. I know guests are just trying to be nice, but I totally agree with other posts about having the bedding left ON the bed makes spot checking much easier, should I need to pre-treat any stains!

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