I'm at my limit, just venting

I am so glad I have a 4 day stay arriving tonight. I’ve had 5 back to back one-night stays in a row. Add to that a dog and toddler with diarrhea today and homeschooling the 3 older kids.

The hardest part is 3 weeks ago my husband had a table saw accident and broke a finger along with stitches, surgery, etc. You don’t realize how much your rely on your spouse until they can’t really help with anything along with barely being able to feed themselves. It could have been a lot worse, we could be calling him “Stubby” from now on, he could have a manual job and be out on disability, etc. But it’s like having another child while also losing the one you rely on.

But I’m thankful for my kids, I’m thankful for my husband, and despite the exhaustion I am really thankful for those 5 one-night stays that all came in after his injury because they are bigger earners and we have a lot of medical bills rolling in (amazing how much it cost…ER, surgery, etc) and insurance isn’t covering anything yet. Best part is in a week we got a 19 night stay on our most expensive listing site, and with them having dogs have a large pet fee too. I know I’ll have some serious cleaning when they leave, but I’ll be making 50% more than if they’d booked via AirBnB.

Thanks for listening because this is something I don’t feel comfortable posting on social media as I don’t want my husband to feel bad, and most of my friends won’t understand the hosting aspect, etc.


Now that’s some sh… right there!

First off, hope your husband recovers soon!

Secondly, the consecutive single night stays are very taxing. I don’t have a kid or injured spouse and it’s hard enough on me too! Way to go sticking it out and pushing through! You rock!

I’m overly impressed by your optimism. This is not the typical rant I am treated to on the internet :slight_smile:


Let’s hope everyone gets well soon. I don’t have pets (well, one trouble-free cat) or kids and yet back to back short stays can still be pretty tiring. Best of luck to you all. :slight_smile:

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I knew you all would get it. I’m really feeling my depression rear it’s ugly head and I just can’t give in to it right now like I want to. I appreciate your empathy and am surprised I sound positive, I feel like I’m whining, lol.


Look, a series of back to backs, a sick kid, a sick dog and a lacerated husband means that you’re very entitled to whine!

Speaking of which, treat yourself to a glass of wine and a candlelit bubble bath - you deserve it. :wink:


I love that. I’m going to have to use it. When he finally gets home from work I think I need to leave the house for a few hours. His car is stick shift, so I’ve been carting 4 kids with 2 carseats around in a Toyota Corolla! And yesterday was a vet visit so add the dog! I want my minivan back, wahhh!

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Think positive and congratulate yourself on the fact that you can drive stick! As the ex manager of a car dealership here in the USA I know that it’s a skill that not many people here have. :slight_smile:

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Thinking of you and your family… sounds like a testing time for you all!

Oh I know. My dad taught me before I had my license and it’s why we bought it: we want our kids to have the skill too.

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Such a good idea. Driving stick is real driving. Operating an automatic is not. (You can tell I feel strongly about this!)


@Sarah_Warren. This.is.too.much!

I have been thinking about this and I think you might want to find someone nearby who could help in the future. Not guaranteeing anything in particular, but have a back-up or stand-by. In fact, I am looking for such a person right now as I know there will be some complications in our lives during the next few months, and I might need assistance. As I recall, you live near family, but they are a little squirrely about your AirBNB so that will not be your source of help. Surely there is someone who cleans houses, or wait tables, or … perhaps a member of your church, who would love the opportunity every once in a while to make a bit of extra money.

My best and most positive thoughts for a quick healing for your husband. So glad that Stubby will not be his new nickname.

As to sticks, never owned anything else and never will. It is getting harder and harder to find a decent car that has a stick shift. In fact my last car purchase, I had to wait several weeks while they shipped a car from a lot in Maryland. The best part of the stick shift is, absolutely no-one wants to borrow my car!


I do have my MIL, and the day after my husband’s injury when we were going to doctors and surgery and stuff she stayed with my kids all day. But then she criticized the way my daughter holds a pencil, and my son still skip counts, and my youngest isn’t potty trained yet. Blah, blah, blah. She did apologize and has offered to help more…

I would love to hire someone, but I also desperately want to get out of debt. The injury has set us back $7,000, but thankfully now insurance will kick in on any future claims. Ugh.

I just hate complaining. I barely typed this all out here. But it’s safe and anonymous :wink:

The plan though once we’re debt free is to hire a tutor and a house cleaner.

And haha, funny you mentioned the squirrely family, we had another fight yesterday, but this time over taking family pictures this summer. A certain sister thinks that hiring a professional and setting aside a 3 hour window (for an extended family of 20) is ridiculous and that we should just sit on the sofa like we’ve done in the past, she sees no point in anything more than that. Ugh. I’m just about done with my family, but yay they come in town in a month and will be staying for free in the Air apartment. This is the last time.

And biggest perk of a stick: they’re cheap used because no one wants them. We tend to drive cars into the ground so we don’t care about the resale. I honestly would love a minivan with a stick, but then my husband couldn’t drive at all. We’ve been needing that Uber income!

@Sarah_Warren . I understand the debt thing. I understand not wanting to hire someone. I think I am a bit older than you, and from my perspective, as the cheapest person you ever have met before turning a certain age, in 5 years you will not regret the $30 spent five times a year so that you can maintain your sanity and not hit burnout. You have a plan. It is a long term plan. Hiring someone to make a few beds and clean a bathroom won’t really get you off-track. I hope that you will think about it.


Life is tough some times isn’t it. I know what you mean re social media so this forum is great in that regard :slight_smile: and re stick / manual cars in the UK it’s really difficult not to be able to drive stick so I’m glad I decided to learn in NZ which is similar to the states (all auto) it took me 2x as long as all my mates though and I failed the first time!! Xx


Wow, you must be part super woman. Mad respect for people who do room shares. Hospitality requires being “on”–smiley, high energy, accommodating… and that to me seems draining when one can’t have a reprieve by coming home. So for you to do that PLUS hold the fort is super impressive. I think anyone would feel depression coming on in your shoes!

Which is why if you pass your test on automatic you’re only allowed to drive automatic cars here. Where as if you learned manual driving the world is your oyster! It’s so much more fun anyway you’re more in tune with the car and the engine when you drive manual.


Why don’t you go and get a nice massage or if you can’t afford, a dip in the local heated pool if you have one- something nice for yourself. It’s great for depression. I have recently taken up yin yoga for my arthritis and it’s brought a world of peace mentally & a great feeling physically to me. Check out if there is any nearby you & give it a go.

Something nice for yourself, outside of the house can make a world of difference.


Though I totally agree with you @jaquo and @Sarah_Warren, I’m not sure this skill is of much importance anymore. So many of the big car makers don’t even offer a standard transmission anymore.

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Life is tough, man, but you’re doing a good job.

We have friends who seem to have their life together. Lovely couple, amazing kids, great house (mortgage free) in a good neighbourhood. They had bought their daughter second hand bikes. For her 7th birthday, they thought they’d buy her a brand new bike. When they gave it to her, she said, “But what is wrong with my current one?” They were really upset. I thought it demonstrate that she was considerate of “waste” - but they saw it as being ungrateful.

It struck me that nobody has it figured out.


Here in the UK people overwhelmingly drive manual/stick. You’re seen as a second class citizen if you pass on automatic. So yes here it’s still an important skill.