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Illegally renting host

From another thread:

Consider changing your own router name to ”AIRBNB GUEST SURVEILLANCE CAMERA” or “(HOST NAME) SURVEILLANCE CAMERA”. That should further discomfort the illegal guests.


OMG - Classic ! ! !
Thank you for the laugh, the link and idea.

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Not sure why you can’t report this to your Condo’s HOA? There should be fines, etc. spelled out in the bylaws. That’s the route I would go in. Also, if it become uncomfortable for Airbnb guests who rent in this unit, they will leave a poor review. Call the police when they are loud. Call the police when they invade your space, parking, etc. Nothing illegal. You might want to set up a meeting with your local chief of police and ask him/her the best way to deal with it.

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Call the condo’s towing company, not the cops, please.


Did you immediately call the police? I would have!



There are plenty of other tricks.
Get some of this tape:

And tape it across the door. :grin:

Or hire an exterminator and have them turn up at the door when the guests are there. :zipper_mouth_face:


Stand outside and take photos of the guests when they enter/exit.

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There isn’t a neighbour website but an email airbnb provides for neighbours with concerns to contact @MaryMac

Call city hall, and ask for short term rental department. If she is not allowed to do it she obviously has no license. If there are regulations in your city about STRs that’s all you have to do is call them. They will take care of the rest. Their fines are not pretty.
Overall your story is highly unusual. One of the reason why I never go for a property with HOA is because they impose sometimes ridiculous rules and you have no Choice e but obey. The fact that they just ignoring your complaints is ludicrous. Many of my friends have condos with HOA and I heard stories about God forbid something’s is not according to their rules

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@CeeBee I about spit out my coffee! Post notice on door, pictures of guests and @Chris with the crime scene tape and wifi network names…

@jb1971 got lucky here


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Great idea. I’d do pretty much anything I could to make the GUESTS feel uncomfortable. Most people don’t want to lie or be somepace illegally, so this will put pressure on the host.

I’d print up a few forms and intercept the guests. “Hey, your host is running an illegal rental, against building rules, and claiming their guests are friends. Would you be willing to help us out by signing this thing that says you’re here as a paying guest?” Whatever forms you do get can be used as evidence against the host about this “my friends” BS.

I’m sure many will be unwilling to sign. “Yeah, I understand you don’t want your name associated with this illegal place. Maybe you’d consider calling Airbnb to complain…” and hand them the 800-number and Condo bylaws showing it’s illegal.

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I’ve never lived in an HOA community and don’t know the ins and outs.

But posting something on another’s door seems iffy to me. Could the OP run afoul of HOA rules by doing that?

Perhaps an easier thing, if that host’s guests frequently come to the OP’s door by accident, is to post something on the OP’s door. Something about: If you’re here as an Airbnb guest of Condo #XXX, be aware that the Airbnb violates building rules and is possibly illegal.” Something like that. And then don’t answer the door.

Why are you trying to be forgiving? You own a condo in a community which does not allow AirBnB rentals. She is illegally renting and violating the rules as well as causing noise issues, privacy issues, and parking issues, and now you have a damaged car. I’d be furious. You have printed out and documented everything. What is there to understand? Her finances or whatever her motivations for renting just aren’t your problem.

Next step - send it all to the HOA. If one of the property managers says “she says they’re her friends…” he needs to be fired.

Noise after 12:30am? Call the police and register a noise complaint. Document it every time and send that to the head of the HOA.

Then, ask the other neighbors about this - do they want to add their names to a document getting her shut down? Because you can’t be the only one dealing with the disruptions.


Not a direct correlation by any means…

It seems that @jb1971 is adamant that this is an S.I.P. (Douglas Adams - stands for 'someone else’s problem).

If Airbnb won’t sort it, which they probably won’t and the property manager won’t, which he almost definitely won’t, then the OP is going to have to actually do something about this using the great free advice given above.


OP has already established that the HOA is not enforcing its rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sadly true, @CeeBee. But HOAs can be notoriously punitive. If it seems like a PITA to go after the illegal Airbnb but seems easier to go after the OP, I’m sure many HOAs would do that.

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I’m sorry if I missed this, but have you sat down with a supervisor at your local PD or Sheriffs Office? I will say that laws do vary heavily from state to states; however, I used to be a full time police officer and based on some of the things you wrote I could think of a few charges that would stick here. If her Airbnb guests start getting arrested or cited every time they stay it would probably end her business pretty quick. Can you imagine her reviews, “One star: was arrested by overzealous local police. Do NOT STAY HERE unless you want to go to jail!!!”. :grin::sweat_smile:

In my copy it is a SEP, @jaquo. A SEP field.
I have what the HGTTG has to say on the subject of towels printed out and framed next to the towel rack in the bathroom.
If I ever in this forum claim not to be a complete dork, feel free to point to this post.

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