Illegal Drugs Discovered

Hosted a group of 8 last weekend, they had the entire place to themselves.

I posted earlier on the condition they left the house in - however, several days after checkout, we discovered they brought illegal drugs onto the property/into the house.

A drawer in the master bedroom still smells - a week later
They left small remnants of said drugs behind (found on the floor)

Ive already submitted $ request for other items through resolution center.

Beyond that, is there anything I can/should do?

I’d just make sure the weed is thoroughly cleared out of the house to avoid possible liability about another guest discovering remnants. Baking soda and leaving the drawer open in the sun should clear out the odor.

Otherwise… not really much else to do, no? I personally wouldn’t call the cops because that’s just a troublesome can of worms that to me, isn’t worth it. And I don’t think I’d call AirBnB or leave it in the review because the guest could just as easily claim, “no, it belonged to the host; not me.” Or, “it’s not mine.” Those ends won’t result in anything positive.

But hey, others might have a different idea worth considering. Just me personally.

I agree with this - it’s not worth the potential hassle you’ll be caused for the sake of a few remnants. You could inform Airbnb and leave it up to them, but it seems silly to take it to the police.

If it were a pound of heroin that would be totally different of course!

I can understand why you feel upset. This is your house and it’s not pleasant to find out things have been going on that you’d really rather didn’t.

The smell will dissipate quite quickly if you’re able to leave the draw out in the open for a day or so

Oh, and mention it in the review if you haven’t left one already! You could just say you found ‘evidence of illegal activity’

thank you all for the input!

I wiped out the drawer and used some pledge, Ill attack it with baking soda or something a little more strong if it doesn’t dissipate soon.

Didn’t even think about taking it to the police but rather if AirBnB would ban their account, if I could collect on security deposit, if there was some policy as a host with AirBnB I wasnt aware of etc.

Thanks again yall!

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I think you should be thankful. They left you a bag of weed! How nice of them!


nah, it was just a small piece the size of a pencil eraser and Ive never smoked anything in my life, not a cigarette or cigar - nada haha and certainly not weed.

Being an old hippie from the UK, I’m surprised that weed is described as ‘illegal drugs’. :slight_smile:


Agree. Especially since it is legal in many places now…

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When I left the UK (24 years ago) weed was a sort of ‘accepted’ thing by the law. As long as it was for your own use and you weren’t dealing, everything was just fine.

Cops were very cool about it in those days, :smile:

I wish it was still like this!

My only drug of choice is coffee, but I booked a guy’s apartment on Air. I was looking for the remote in the living room and opened the side drawer, only to find the guy’s weed stash. I laughed but only thought about letting him know so he could hide it better from guests in the future.

If it’s hardwood, perhaps, but MDF responds well to baking soda and a terrycloth.

I agree, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me. I’d much rather my guests were stoned than drunk! But the fact is it is illegal in a lot of places so I kind of get the op’s concern. Where I live a little bit for personal use is often taken quite seriously by the law, unfortunately

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Thumbs down and you can mention in the private remarks to ABB why. There are Hosts near me who specifically mention they are pot friendly so those interested tend to go there.