Ignore or Decline

We had an inquiry and after messaging back and forth for a day, we have not heard back from the prospective guests. Do we just ignore it or do we have to decline even if they never reply to our latest message.

Just ignore after replying. 1 reply is all that is necessary. 96% of our inquiries have never resulted in a booking. No need to decline.

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Inquiries are just a way for guests to ask questions without commiitting to a booking. I don’t really know why Airbnb even has the pre-approve and decline buttons on them. If someone is just asking questions, what is there to decline?

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I think they’re there to expedite the booking process once a guest wants to proceed

I do occasionally pre-approve inquiries if the guest has good reviews and sends an informative initial message. That way I don’t have to go back and take time to accept their subsequent RTB.

But most hosts in this forum say they never do more than answer inquiries.

Also, I think the pre-approve and decline buttons and the subsequent proddings from Airbnb to click on one is their way of trying to get hosts to pre-approve even if the host isn’t yet certain they want to accept the guest.

And Inquiries used to expire after 24 hrs. Now they don’t unless you decline.