If you have added the "Photo Tour", check your listing!

Serious glitch being reported on the Airbnb CC by hosts who added the photo tour.

Thumbnails visible on the listing itself, and on your Preview when logged in seems fine, but when viewed as a guest, clicking to see all the photos brings up a blank screen.

Apparently it’s known glitch that the techies are “working on” but days after being reported still not fixed. Guess they are too busy uselessly redesigning our hosting interface.


I was messing around yesterday; I don’t think it’s working at all in Thailand, I’ve just checked again in another browser, it’s not there. all my photo’s are still there

They tend to roll things out in different regions at different times.

The “Photo tour” option appears on my hosting “edit listing” page. It takes up the whole right half of the screen, making it annoying to have to edit anything on the description on half a screen.

The disappearing photos were just being reported by hosts who chose to opt in to this photo tour, not anyone else. They also said that it’s terrible- that the order it puts the photos in makes no sense (hosts can see it in their preview, but the photo screen is blank when searching incognito as a guest), and there is apparently no way to opt out once you opted in. So these hosts have seen their bookings plummet, because guests can’t see anything but the thumbnails on the listing and the main photo.

I hope this remains something that we can choose to use or not, as opposed to being a part of the Winter Release “Early Access” that everyone will have to have eventually. Although I would assume the techies will finally figure out the blank screen f-up.

I have not opted for photo tour, but it seems like I can’t rearrange my photos either HELP!!!