If you are on Airbnb maybe you can also be on Fairbnb.coop

Hi there,
this seems a very interesting platform and i had the chance to learn a lot from all your threads and comments, and for that I am very thankful.

I am one of the co-founder of Fairbnb.coop, i don’t know if you know it already but is platform run by a coopearative whose goal is to develp a more sustainable model in short term rentals.

We all come from cities that have been heavily affected by tourism and the recent developments in the touristic accomodation market but instead of protesting we have been trying to develop a model that can benefit sustainable and non extractive hosts, their neighbours and the travellers as well.

It seems that i cannt post links here but if you search for fairbnb.coop you can find all the info and even teh possibility to pre-register as hosts before the launch expected mid may 2019

I am looking forward to your feedback.

you cant’t post links as a newer member to help prevent people just joining the forum to promote links to their products/services :blush:


It totally make sense.: +1:
I hope i have not broken any rule with this post.

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