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If the family friendly icon is not checked, does that mean they don't really want kids?

Or does it just mean it doesn’t have features that would be attractive to families/kids in particular?

I think it can mean both.

I suspect it varies from case to case, and would recommend always asking the individual hosts, but I presume that anyone that really doesn’t want kids would put that in their house rules - until I did that guests seemed to think they didn’t need to mention the kids they were bringing, which was not cool.

runs to check and make sure “no children” is in the rules.


I can only take a couple, but I don’t want babies and toddlers. I had twins so I did my time :wink: … My place is also not a fit. I don’t want the extra mess and noise. It’s not baby proofed. But I can take one adult and one older child.


I checked “Not family friendly”. The in the description I put in all capitals: NO PETS and NO CHILDREN.

It depends, I don’t have it checked because I don’t want infants 0-2 but will take a child. Read the house rules and see if they mention it and at least ask in the inquiry.

There was a time when you didn’t have to make a selection in that category.

Because of this ambiguity, I always send an inquiry to ask whether or not they are open to a family with young children. I figure that those who don’t want children will actually say so in their listing but this isn’t always the case.

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