If someone stays for 2 nights, would it be bad to

…would it bad to do their bedding on a quick 30 minute wash rather than the fuller wash version?

No it wouldn’t…


What? I do everything on the quick 30 minute wash. Think of The Planet for goodness sake! Unless it is stained why would you do otherwise? People be crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah, me too, but I thought I’d better start the thread like I was a thorough clean freak, in case I was flamed!


You’re on your own. The “clean enthusiasts” will be along shortly to put you straight.


oh bugger


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Yep 30 min efficiency wash is great for items that are not stained or stinky.


What?!! Lint roll, inspect with black light, spot clean with hydrogen peroxide, soak in Oxy, wash at 60C, three rinses, line dry, starch, iron … how you going to get that lot done in less than a week??


It’s a 30 for 30 (degrees / minutes) for me.

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Well, I think I’m one of them but I’m not going to. That’s because our washer doesn’t have a time setting. It takes about 25 minutes for a wash.It can set it to high or low plus to cold, permanent press or something else, I forget. Anyway, the one that I can’t remember means hot. The temperature setting is irrelevant however as the laundry room does not have hot water.

So there.


@JamJerrupSunset & @Barns - Oh you guys! :laughing:


I can beat that, I use the 15 minute speed wash. I have to conserve water here. The new machines are so efficient they can get laundry way cleaner than the old ones at full cycle… or the dreaded front loaders with their build up of pond scum.


Kona – what washer did you convert to? We have the Maytag front loaders and I’m not happy with them either.

It is up to you, but I try to do the 2 1/2 hours, 95C wash every time. I don’t get 5 star reviews for cleanliness at all, but I do try to get the bedding as clean as possible.

my gahd, 2 hrs of boiling!

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With 65% or more of one night guests I can’t charge enough for 2.5 hour washes. Luckily the longest cycle on my machine is about 45 minutes and the hottest temp on my hot water heater is well below this. Half that and you’re in danger of scalding. I think this post must be a typo.

Do the longer washes use more water? I was under the impression they just are in the wash cycle longer?

One night = 15 minute quick wash, 2 nights plus = 30 minutes low temperature.

Our bedding = 1 hr 05 mins. Not sure where the five mins came in but I change ours weekly, if we’re lucky!

Does anybody else, who lives on site, find that compared to where guests get to stay, we sleep in a cess pit? I simply don’t have time to tidy up properly or get stuck into the aesthetics of our rooms.


YES. I have a 2 year old, a work from home job, and an Airbnb to manage. My house is never clean to my liking. Okay, it’s never really clean at all. Everything is a matter of playing catch up when I get a spare minute.


When we have guests, we’re relegated to sleeping on the settee in the front room! I must say that even though it was reduced in price, it still cost 15 times more than the 2 kingsize beds! I look forward to it, not just because I make money as I sleep on it, but I get THE BEST sleep ever!