If I let my son's dog stay here for 3 months will that impact my ratings and requests?

My son needs a home for 3 months for his very well behaved older female pitbull. I have hung out with her for several days at a time and so know she is docile and loves all people. Question is: do you think i will get significantly fewer bookings and lower ratings if the dog is here? Since I work from home there would never be a time when she was here but I was not. So the guests would never be alone with her. Of course I would prominently mention this in my listing. Thoughts? Experiences?

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I have a dog and a cat. The first 30 days of my listing I have had 4 days empty and 12 bookings during this time.

Aslong as you disclose it. It shouldn’t impact too much. There are a lot of dog lovers out there.

We have 3 cats. Animal lovers come to stay with us AND the cats. We just had a check in and the first thing she said was, I want to meet the cats!

I have a 17 lb Maltese/bichon mix. He’s prominently featured in my listing and in fact I usually say “we” a lot to remind guests he’s part of the package. And there’s a photo of him in the listing and in my host profile photo. I’m booked 92% of the year (only time I’m not fully booked is January and February in NYC) and I’m a super host. I’ve only had 3 instances in the last 2 years where I wondered why this dog hating guest chose to stay with me but the rest were all dog lovers and couldn’t wait to meet my dog. So just include photos of your son’s dog and describe her quirks and her positive side and it should be fine!

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Hi Kshaffer,

I refer to our dogs as our Airbnb Secret Weapon. They are great ice breakers for guests who might be nervous going in to a stranger’s house. Many of our guests have told us that they chose our listing because we have dogs. Here is a link to our listing. You can see that many of the guests mention how much they liked our dogs in the review.


Yes same here. I let them in and greet. Then I unleash the pug cuteness on them. Haha

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Well then, it’s unambiguously unanamous. I will adopt his pooch and she’ll earn her keep by attracting animal lovers. Thanks folks for the very prompt response. Case closed!


You’ve made your decision already, but I totally agree…there are pet lovers out there who will choose your place for the sole reason of the dogs presence!

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I just wanted to add that I don’t even mention how well behaved my dog is or that he never barks because I specifically don’t want a guest who is wary of staying in a home with a dog but reads that and then thinks oh, maybe this dog won’t be so bad. I’m looking for guests who are comfortable with dogs and won’t freak out if on the rare occasion he does bark or has an accident.


Right after I graduated from UCLA, I moved to a cottage like this in Rnacho Park…isn’t that near Palms? It looks similar because our house also had the washer and dryer in the kitchen, which I like and found convenient. It had a rose garden like you have and is a similar style. Our rent was $500. We each paid $250 :slight_smile: of course this was quite a loonnnng time ago!

Hi konacoconutz,

Yes, Rancho Park is very close. It’s a nice area, isn’t it? Our house is small (975 square feet), so having the washer and dryer under the kitchen counter is a matter of saving space. The roses came with the house along with the fig tree.

Yes, Ellen. Very nice area. Close to UCLA also. My place was small too. Like a cottage. Two bedrooms but super small. One bath. Nice garden. My job after college was in Century City, so it was an easy commute. I wonder if it is still there. I can still smell the roses and gardenias. Should look on google maps for it. 2850 Malcom Ave, RP.

As a guest on AIrbnb (also a host), I do tend to gravitate towards listings with a live-in pet when we travel !!

I always have either one of our 2 family pets as a profile picture on my Airbnb page. Some of my guests were surprised that the dogs don’t live there ! (we don’t live on the island)


Oh god the poor dog. Is that all you care about that guests wont like a dog…
Sheesh i wouldnt have anybody in my house who didnt like animals full stop.
Get your priority’s straight . Put your son and his child first .
heavens poor son and the dog…