If a customer modifies reservation does the 48 hours free cancellation start again?

I know about the scam where someone will move their dates to new dates beyond the reservation cancellation fees and then cancels but I was wondering if:

  1. If a guest needs to adjust the number of people in the group (I make the request and they accept) does the 48 hour free cancellation start again?

  2. If a guest modifies their reservation by adding a date immediately before or after the dates they are booked, does this also effect the 48 hour cancellation?

Its a very good question, all I know is if a guest or host alters/modifies a reservation, the existing contract is cancelled and a new contract between guest and host is issued.
So in theory, yes its treated as a new booking and they have 48hrs to cancel with a full refund, but I’ve never heard of it happening.
God help us if guests figure out this as a way of getting a full refund.

Yeah, that’s sort of what I figured which really sucks because you want to help the guests.

Well. they have now.

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Wow really?! I haven’t heard this one yet! Don’t you have to accept their changes though? So, can we as hosts circumvent this “scammage” by not accepting date changes?

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Yes, host needs to approve the request to change dates. See discussion I started in other thread Lesson learned on allowing change of dates to allow guest to avoid cancelation penalty

There is a good suggestion in there about allowing a change for the guest while protecting your money

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Yes, As I mentioned in my post, I understand the moving dates scam but my question wasn’t about that.

I asked if the guest modified their emitting reservation as to number of guests or perhaps added an extra day to the reservation if the 48 hour count down to free cancellation starts.

I often have to modify a reservation because a guest writes one person but when they send list of names I see that it’s more. It often doesn’t result in any fee changes but I want everyone staying to be on the reservation.

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I can only guess but I dont think so.
The 48 hrs are for the booking part and not for modifying but I’d ask Airbnb.

I often have an understanding of things after years of hosting and Airbnb have changed things without me knowing so I’d contact them and ask but it wouldn’t make sense for them to allow another 48 hrs.

LOL - I have so little faith in Airbnb answer me and if they do that they give me a correct answer but I will try and post if get an answer.

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Well I did ask and I got a reply in less than 5 minutes. That’s not to say I have 100 faith in it but its now in my account so I can use if a guest tries these shenanigans:

Hi Lynn

My name is Mark G, an Airbnb expert, host and guest. It is my pleasure to assist.

This is a really good question. No the 48 hour free cancellation is only effective from the initial start, meaning when the reservation was made in the first place.

I hope this information can help, Please let me know if you need assistance