Ideas/suggestions for area guide documents?

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where there are a ton of amazing restaurants, cafes, bars, and interesting things to see.

We are trying to determine the best way to present these to our guests.

We’ve added a bunch of places to the Airbnb listing guidebook and we also added a few to a dedicated Instagram account.

I’m wondering if there’s something better though. We want to make it fairly curated but also comprehensive, and in a easy way for guests to digest.

We were thinking we might make a simple notebook binder with a list of places organized by category, with a basic map.


A notebook is always great but can be overwhelming. I’d have a few categories and choose only the best of the best places. I believe that otherwise, it can be overwhelming. But I like the idea of being able to look at something in my hands.

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When we had the B&B we always used these, quite professional and posh. should be something similar available in your area.

Just highlight key local attractions, some of your favourite must see places, local eating spots, local transport, emergency services and your contact details, then link them to established websites for what’s on, tourist attractions etc.

We use a 3-ring binder with plastic sheet holders. A couple pages of fabulous local restaurants we’ve tried and love… A page of House Rules. A page with the WiFi login and password. Several pages of articles, maps and descriptions of special local sights and tourist attractions, gardens, boat trips, etc.

I leave a few suggestions, but mainly I leave a link to a custom Google Map I’ve created. I registered a domain name that redirects to my listing and created a subdomain for the map (i.e. People seem to appreciate it, and I figure since they’ve booked through Airbnb, they’re reasonably comfortable with technology. It’s also easy for me to update on the fly. Here’s a screenshot:

I’m a travel guidebook writer for a major title you would know and here’s what I do…

Create a guest info PDF with basic house info and guidelines and hit the basic sightseeing highlights nearby.

I send that to them when they are a confirmed booking. Keeping in mind most people coming to Hawaii book at least two weeks in advance. It’s long so they can read it on the plane. :laughing:

Then I print out a copy and put it in the big binder. Along with other sightseeing topics such as visiting Mauna Kea that are too wordy for the pdf.

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I want to go to the Bridge of Flowers :slight_smile:

You should! It’s beautiful! I know a place where you could stay :sunglasses: