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IB Conditions updated again

I know it has been mentioned in other topics but, now with pic:

I am now thinking, what to do.
For my double room I will go for the ID only, but for the appartments I will stick to 4,5 - 5 star only.

I do not want a newbie to book my appartment without me agreeing on it.

I still don’t have this option. I’m looking forward to the upgrade although I haven’t had any problems so far with IB.

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Strange, I’ve had it for quite some time. I checked the first option.

I do the first option.

edit … no hasn’t changed for me:

I definitely have the new IB options. I didn’t realise it had changed - strange that some hosts don’t have it. Could it be a brower issue? maybe the cache needs clearing.

I changed my options to needing a review as well as ID although I’ve used IB previously without review and had only good guests.

The government issued ID thing is something that’s required in Europe now so I wonder if that is why it’s seen in some areas and not others?

Didn’t change for us either… US and Euro locations. I would love the tick box for ID and have a specific star rating

I just uploaded my passport for the id. I think its a great idea. Gives people more trust.

I have it now too - thanks for the heads up! I originally had it set to guests needing to be verified, but after I realized that many people aren’t on social media I downgraded it to the first option in your picture. So glad I can add gov ID now because that was the one thing missing that I still really wanted. Maybe they are phasing out the Verification process all together?

No change here in the mid-atlantic region of the US

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