I wish Airbnb would stop doing this

They keep sending me emails telling me eight people have looked at your place but have booked somewhere else please consider lowering your price! I don’t think so I just raised my prices and people are still booking and I’m always sold out on weekends you’re around so please shut up ,


Year round I meant to say…

And of course they are not comparable. We have a 6 bedroom whole house. They show me pictures of 2 bedroom apartments with 3 beds in each room, or pullouts or air mattresses!

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You know, I was just mentioning to my husband that I felt that Airbnb was almost artificially controlling the market in my area. My price tips are $47!!! are you kidding me? I know that here in Hawaii there has been a lot of hoopla about Airbnb edging out long term rental availability because people make more with vacation rentals. It almost seems like they are telling me to put my price so low that it would be better for me to switch to long term. But to the unsuspecting host who just goes with the flow, they put their price super duper low and it hurts the rest of us who know our worth. I’ve since disregarded all their suggestions. I’ve turned off the automatic pricing too. I could care less if someone books a $50 a night twin bed in the tent down the block from me- I know my worth and I know people are getting a good deal for $75!

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Im not getting into a price war. I dont want the motel 6 crowd anyway!


Go your own way I say. I ignore all that twoddle. Yes Airbnb are trying to be controlling.

I wonder if it’s planned to segment the market better. Airbnb Plus to compete better with “nice” hotels, and push to lower prices (make it up with the increased booking fee) to maximize occupancy rates for the more-modest accommodations. That way you get the higher end hotel market as well as someone who would do Air instead of Motel 6 or sleeping on auntie’s sofa.

I thought everybody just ignored those

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