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I want to modify my review after discovery

After I wrote a positive review for a guest, I found out from a neighbor that they played loud music late into the night. This is against house rules and is rude. (I believe it is true because the volume on my radio was turned way up.) Is there any way to change my review or add to it? Or should I let it go?

I dont think you can change your review.

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You can edit a review for a period of time after you write it, 48 hours I believe. Look at your email prompt click on it and when you get to your review there should be an edit button.

If your guest has not yet written his/her review and the 14 day review period has not elapsed you have a certain amount of time (I believe it’s 48 hours) after you write a review during which you can edit it. Go to your Stats page. Click on View All Reviews. Click on Reviews By You. The word Edit will be in red at the bottom of the review if you are eligible to edit it.

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One of my guests was able to edit long after the 48 hours but it had to be approved by Air. It was to change a few bad things to good things!

Thanks everyone for feedback. Seems to be too late to amend the review and I’m not sure what lesson there was to learn.

Maybe in the future be more honest in the review, or if it is a bad guest, wait until the 11th hour to leave the review.

Thought it was a good guest. I was as honest as I knew at the time. Did not find out about the noise until a week later.

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