I want to ban "AXE" body spray

Recently had a guest that just loves “AXE”, I mean really loves the stuff. It took most of the day with the fan on high, all windows wide open to rid the noxious smell. That stuff puts me over the edge. They have banned it in our local high school lol. I really want to ban it in our Airbnb but because it just happened the once of course I will not mention it and the guests still got a 5 star review. Anyone ever experience similar?

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We haven’t encountered that but your instinct are good because the chemicals in it aren’t; see here

Many listings are fragrance free (from the Host) and use fragrance-free detergents. I suppose you could hint at guests using fragrances by saying something indoor listing like “The only scent-sational experience we offer is the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning and [fragrance-free] crisp linen on your bed.”

But habits die hard and I think you’ll have to Iive with it. :cry:


Wow that is so interesting about body sprays. It is just so gross and overpowering. Actually I find Febreez pretty noxious as well but a fella I now owns a Home Hardware and states that it is one of his best selling products!

“The only scent-sational experience we offer is the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning and [fragrance-free] crisp linen on your bed.”
Brilliant, love that!

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I dislike most of the perfumes and colognes used in my Airbnb and sometimes it’s so strong I can smell it in my part of the house. Luckily, so far, I’ve never had any issue getting rid of the smell. I suspect the total lack of any textile that can’t be laundered is the reason. No drapes, rugs or upholstery of any kind.

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Yes, I had a male guest who had some Axe spray deodorant (I know because he left it behind) and I couldn’t believe how strong it smelled. Like KKC, I don’t have any upholstered furniture, or heavy draperies, and I also live in the tropics where all the windows can be opened so odors don’t linger. Don’t do same day turnovers, either.

I have a note in the bedroom that reads

“Many guests are allergic to strongly scented products. Unfortunatly the scent lingers beyond an individual use. If you use scented products, including perfume, please apply them in the bathroom with the fan running.”

Maybe I should add - “and deodorants”

We have a fan and an air exchanger in the bathroom but it isn’t a large suite so it permeated into the main room. When I opened the double door between the Airbnb and our home I made sure we shut it quickly so it didn’t get into my house. It is so gross! I am not going to write anything related to this right away but I think if it happens more frequently I may have too. I just worry about having too many notes and rules and such…I think it would be annoying to guests to see rules and such all over the suite.

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