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I thought a terrorist had booked with me!

I had a 4 day insta book in October. I didnt pay much attention to it at first, then I checked the reservation. At first I thought the guy had taken a picture of a dog on a bed instead of a pic of himself. Looking closer…I realized it was an assault rifle on a bed. No last name. Gulp :scream: Unfortunately I had already emailed my address. I called airbnb and they let me cancel. When I canceled suddenly he rebooked again…then he called me! As it turned out, he was a young marine new to airbnb and didnt even realize he had uploaded that photo from FB. He totally apologized and changed it, put up his photo(his facebook showed his marine duty in the middle east. Got his last name etc, I feel better now!


You emailed the guest your address? Or do you mean that Air gave him your contact info once he booked? Two different things. One of the many reasons I will never, ever use IB.

That is a fabulous story!!! A great anecdote to help us all remember that the photos do not foretell a positive or negative experience.

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hahaha, that would have definitely freaked me out - a photo of an assault rifle. Even if not a terrorist, I would still think this person is deranged or at least creepy.

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'Merica! I’m surprised you would think a picture of a gun = terrorist.


If I saw someone with a picture of a gun…I would think American.


I had a lovely Muslim couple (American) who booked with me via IB and told me that they’d had several refusals from hosts who didn’t use IB. I also had a black woman whose profile photo was of a white person. She changed it once she’d booked.

I don’t doubt that at all. I’ve had several guests whose picture didn’t really look like the person who showed up at my door. In particular, obese people either use old pictures or an angle of their face that makes them look thinner. I’m sure they suffer the same problem. I’m very pleased that I can offer IB. If I had any concerns I could ask for ID but as I said on another thread I haven’t had any need to.

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I notice everyones picture is 10 years old and they look much younger and prettier! (that includes mine :smile:)

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