I think lightning fried our unit's AC units!

I got a call early this morning from our guests that neither AC units are working. My husband is out there and there’s still electricity to some breakers, but some are completely not working, specifically the ones for the AC units and our pool pump.

Gah, seriously?!! And right at the beginning of a heat wave? In an hour I’ll be able to call the electrician…

So what’s the update???

Is there any way to prevent that from happening…besides unplugging the A/C units during lightning storms?

The electric company is coming to update the line coming into the garage… They never did it after the new breaker box was installed. Hopefully we can get by with no extra costs…

Thankfully our guests are very understanding and feel bad for calling us at 6:45 to inform us!

It was actually an electric company problem. We were required when we moved in to update our breaker box and then they were SUPPOSED to come and update the whole line, which they never did.

Because the line was old, the electric surge fried the new breakers on every line that had a large appliance running. Hopefully it didn’t hurt any of our equipment… I’ll know more after they’re done.

Oh wow. Yes, please keep us posted on the outcome.

So, since the electric company never did what they were supposed to, it was actually the wind that pulled out one of the lines and it was a simple job. Whew! So thankful it wasn’t a big deal, because I was getting stressed!

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