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I think I was Hacked. My Views Declined Precipitously from October to November in Jersey City Close to Manhattan


Has anyone in the NJ/NY who is an Airbnb host been experiencing incredibly low activity in November relative to October. I believe my account was hacked. Since I received some suspicious e-mail October 22 on my Airbnb account, my views/requests/booking were initially erratic and then slowed to a halt. I was notified by Airbnb of the suspicious e-mail which account was immediately shut down by Airbnb and they told me not to respond. I have contacted AIrbnb several times but not much help. Has anyone else experienced this. I can not figure out why all of a sudden I am not getting any bookings. I dont think seasonality is that strong for NY/NJ to have almost 90% less activity whether views, inquiries or bookings. Please help!


I have been hounding AirBnB lately since mid October since whenever I do a listing search there’s a blank spot where my listings are. They say THEY can see them, but people I talk to on the phone can’t find them and neither can I! occasionally a completely inappropriate request will come through…so it seems it IS being seen…but I definitely feel its only sporadic. I wonder if AirBnB just figures it’s not worth it to plug my listing when there’s so many others in the area charging more that they can make more money off of.


May be because you going into the low season. It gets much colder in November, may be that’s why decline in bookings?
I livein South Florida. Our summers are pretty much dead. Starting October I saw much more activity, but still 35% of the month is empty. We are getting very busy second half of December and through the end if March, and then it gets very slow.


This is a dead zone time of year, even in Hawaii. I’m dead too. I don’t think you were hacked any more than I am because bookings and inquiries do drop off for Hawaii from summer (dead), autumn (sporadic) …then picking up around the holidays.

Try listing on a bunch of other sites. There’s homeaway, FlipKey and Wimdu. Of those, I can only recommend Wimdu however. FlipKey has sent bookings but it’s almost always the wrong type of guest. Make sure you screen carefully. I like Wimdu…it is based in Germany and is a sort of 1.0 version of Air…


cs2015, I found your listing just by going to the area you said, and you refused to believe me! You accused me of somehow using a name, or some other method I’m not even aware of. I am actually surprised you are still saying this. If you get bookings it is because your listing is showing.

I think you have a mistaken view of how Airbnb works. It is based off data, not some people sitting in an office deciding to ‘plug’ better more expensive listings.

It is absolutely the dead time for this part of the country (NY). Third year in a row in a popular Airbnb, and we ALWAYS go dead this time of year. Even hotels are hit the same way.


Thanks for your insights. At what time in the NY/NJ area do things pick up after going down in November?


Hi Sandy,
If I could I’d attach print screens of my computer to SHOW YOU what I’m seeing! Nothing is coming up when I search.

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