I should change my lisitng name to private 1 bd Boom Boom room

Ok this is what I sent the guest (this one from booking.com)

Dear A.

I have another guest checking in this afternoon and while changing the studio I noticed that you left a expensive electric toothbrush, a fancy glide razor and some really nice metal handcuffs on my bed railing. I will keep these items on my side of the house if you want to pick them up since I know you live close by. Unfortunately the handcuffs that are hanging from my bed rail was left without a key and I will have to call a locksmith to open them for me and the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.

Please call me as soon as possible, perhaps you have the keys to the handcuffs and we can avoid the cost of a locksmith.



I laughed at first sight of the cuffs until I realized I could open them.


Haha, your email was great :slight_smile:


Or charge their deposit for a pair of bolt cutters! :smile:


Oh, that’s brilliant. :slight_smile:

I know a guy on Craigslist Casual Encounters who might be able to get them off. . Oh never mind! :smile:


Boke. Sterlilize everything lol

I found the key in a pillow case the guest just returned to collect her Bruan toothbrush and other items, no words of apology or mention of the handcuffs.

Carmen, I’m a bit puzzled because you only mentioned one guest …? I’ve heard of auto-eroticism, but I can’t really see how this could work without a partner!

Or we could be charitable and reason that she could be an off-duty police officer who just needed somewhere to park her handcuffs while she slept and didn’t want to put them in a drawer in case she forgot them … oh, wait a minute …

She is a local girl and she did have a male guest with her. I do get that sometimes young adults that are still living at home with mom and dad need alone time with their mates. Funny I have had at least 4 types of guest like that and usually I can tell because the bed is move from the center of the room or other things like a receipt from the local sex shop for lingerie.

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I never host locals since there are some dangers inherent in this type of hosting. For example, often there is uncleanliness, damage, stalkers and on top of it you can not give them a bad review because they know where you live and are in the same city 24/7.

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I often have, Usually the reason they are staying is because they are having maintenance work done on their own homes. I’ve stayed at a local rental for exactly this reason.

On a more serious note, with regards to charging against the deposit for a locksmith, have you ever tried to do this?
I am currently having an issue with Airbnb- The guest lost the keys and I filed a claim against their deposit. The guest never responded (expected) now I’m having to jump through hoops with Airbnb to have them take the charges from the deposit!

I filed the first request 11 days ago
I’ve been in conversation with Airbnb, and the person handling my case is asking me if the missing Key has any verifying info that associates my home w the key!!

I just don’t understand how securing my home when I key is lost by a guest should come out of my pocket!

Dang! If the key had your address attached, AirBnB would say shame on you for not being more secure. If it did not, they’d say, good, nobody will know it unlocks your house. You can’t win. :frowning:

Who is to say the guest didn’t attach the key to something that identifies where they are staying?

The guest was staying in the city for another 2 weeks! Also, she asked me to wait, bc her friend who lives in the city, that went to jail the night the keys went missing Might have known where they were.

I’m sorry, but how many red flags do there have to be for me to want to change my locks!