I really need some help. Thanks in advance:) >>>new problem>>>

I have 2 inquiries for the same night Sat March 2nd for 1 night. One came in at 2:13, the other came in at 2:18 today.

INQUIRY) Nuria, the 1st one want to do an interview for a History Channel Show called the Unexplained. 10 people crew etc. " Tentative date" Really it should be booked on splacer.

REQUEST) Vito wants a staycation the same night. i’m ok with this. He is quite local.

They both seem pretty nice and communicative.

I could write Nuria with a very high Splacer priced special offer, if they would change the date.

Then get Vito in on the date he wants. I don’t think I can do anything for him except accept or decline.

The other thing is if its possible that they really are the same party…

As I write this my ideas are forming. Just needed your 2c<><>
Thank you!

  1. Inquire about the first one booking via splacer for a different date.
  2. Preapprove local.
  3. Depends on what the guests do next…

You have 2 inquiries, one with definite dates and the other is a confirmed date request. Personally for me I would take the gtd reservation since the other was tentative.

I’d book in Vito and tell the other group that the date is booked, sorry. Then direct them to splacer.

An active imagination is the devil’s playground. But then again you are in Cali. :wink:

Thanks for your great advice! That is exactly what happened. I have just confirmed the local guest, a one nighter, and sent the other lady a note saying her photo shoot minimum would be 500 and “via splacer” I think went through.

I had accepted the air offer of -25% then upped the price on the 10 days that “discount” was going to happen. Air emails all the people looking during that time and that’s ( I think) how I got this guest (and others).

yes I know, I do imagine things and have great dreams too<><>




May 2017

The host canceled this reservation the day before arrival. This is an automated posting"

A NEW GUEST for this sat, AND THIS IS what I see when I click on the one review!! And the name is different.

The guest tried to use air before but the host canceled on him
As for the name being different I don’t know why. You should ask him. Is it a request or an IB?

I hope he’s ok. The main flag for me was the name change and what appeared to be an automated message I’d seen before. Are there really that many hosts that cancel on the day before guests arrival?

Its a request that I am likely accepting, I am giving him until tomorrow to peruse the listing.

I have a one day pre-arrival buffer. Will that buffer cause a null request and if so, at what time? I guess the below answers me dialog question…
Advance notice–Same day, until 8:00 AM

Preparation time–Block 1 night before and after each reservation

Booking window–3 months into the future

I was also wanting to change the 3 months to 6 , but my husband wants more control. I think we will be missing out on early planner type summer bookings.

Thanks very much!

Chances are you are missing out on early bookings. My one bedroom condo Is 75% booked for June & July.

However my neighbor is considering opening her rental for bookings closer to time in the hopes of getting a higher nightly rate. I think she might be on to a good idea. At the end of summer I may change mine too

The cheap places go first… he who is last won’t see standby pricing.

I think I was looking at the photo and name of the host who cancelled previously on my new guest.
I have one couple coming from Northridge 1 night staycation
but tomorrows guest= a quick trip from Atlanta<><>

Thanks again I love this forum

why don’t you ask the guy if he’s with the crew. If both of them only inquired, you can pick and chose. me personally, I never approve local people, unless they have a very good reason and they tell me upfront what it is.

My local guest was totally up front and honest. I’m happy to host him. Wants a staycation. Some people nowadays just can’t get away even for 2 nights i guess.
The lady with the local production film co. not sure what her motive was in booking at a reduced price.

Production companies use AirBnB to book with unsuspecting hosts who don’t know the cost of legitimately renting a shooting location, which is hundreds if not thousands per day. I’m glad you raised the price.

Staycation could be an affair (based on what happened to a friend who also hosts).

I personally don’t like local people because if they are local they should have a home. why do they need mine?

I don’t like local people because they might show up at my house at any time and get in (i don’t change the code on the lockbox bc I tried to do that once and I couldn’t open the lockbox anymore). I had to buy another one!

In the rare occasions I allow local people I hide the key somewhere (flowerpot etc) and avoid giving them the lockbox code. Occasions would be family reunion when their house is too small and won’t accomodate everybody or, like my current guests, a bunch of business owners from the area who just want to be in a neutral territory to bounce ideas, plan and make budgets.

I also got a request form a local film college student to film her project in my house. Of course, being a student she wanted a big discount. I said no. Actually I said I needed the house for myself but it was a little white lie.

This has happened to two hosts here on this forum. Prior guests used the same old code and let themselves into the Airbnb. Someone doesn’t have to be local. They can also give the code to anyone. Never changing the code isn’t a good idea.