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I Quit as I have had enough of the lack of Airbnb help!



Well after quite a few years I QUIT… I have had enough of Airbnb and their stupid feedback and scoring. I had a young man stay who turned up with all his worldley possesions and belive me it was a LOT!!! he was ordering take out at 11.30pm and thinking that not only is it ok to ring the bell at gone midnight the darn smell of the take out was awful we have a room in a family home… Our 12 year old daughter woke up with the noise and smell… we explained this and of course our house rules staded we were are quiet family home. Airbnb allowed the damn awful revenge review to stay but however he lovely review by the following guest was NEVER published despite weeks of emails etc and yet another positive review being posted the awful one stayed and the positive one NEVER showed… No explananation as to why they would not publish it yet the following one was. Talk about brush off and not interested so I said I would give them 48hrs to publish the review before cancelling my account… Guess what Not Bothered so now no longer an Airbnb host… So so angry with the lack of support it’s untrue…


I hear you. The policy of guest protection over hosts is getting more and more blatant. Very disheartening.


Exactly. At this point there are probably 100s of hosts in your area and they couldn’t care less. It’s not worth their trouble when you are so easily replaced. Best not to get attached emotionally or monetarily to Airbnb.


So get listed on Misterbnb, Homestay, Craigslist, or other sites that allow you to rent out a room.


Yes, having a paying guest in your family home is not for everyone. It takes a lot of patience, fortitude and on occasion - a firm hand. You don’t say it but I’m assuming the revenge review was in response to you having words with the guest? Most things can be worked out with friendly dialogue but sometimes that’s not possible.
I don’t think any other site will be of any use. Guests/lodgers/room-mates - it’s the same thing, really.


Hi cabinhost, how do I message the moderators on this forum? I have tried messaging, but keep getting the notification “you cannot send a private message to that user”


What do you need to ask? I have had to unlist your solicitations. Commercial solicitations are not allowed, sorry. Try craigslist?


Hey, all thanks for your comments. Magwitch, yes we had several words with the young man that stayed and were very polite but firm. He still asked the following night if he could order take away at 11pm and we said no but offered him some toast, he said rather sharply NO I don’t like toast!!! I explained yet again why we don’t allow take away to be ordered so late and asked why he decided to come home and sleep for a few hours then want food so late. He came straight from Uni so guessing that was student lifestyle. I have not had many problems with guests but he was just awful. He was due to stay 1 month but we asked him to leave after the first week. Airbnb helped him find alternative accommodation. Onwards and upwards we will give hosting a break then will try one of the sights recommended assuming they cover the UK :slight_smile: . I do have my home on HomeAway but find the platform very complicated so listing is hidden. Thanks again for your comments & support. Good luck to you all with Airbnb and your listings I do hope you continue to have a positive experience.


I wonder why next review was not published.

I can see quite a few hosts get pissed with airbnb and their response when trouble comes.
I think some hosts take it personally but the fact is that it’s just employees you deal with and some of them are indifferent and don’t give a damn about you and their jobs.

What exactly you accomplished by quitting Air? You lost your income but Airbnb will go on like you never existed.

When it comes to my income all I care is my work and how I perform, not how Airbnb performs. As far as I am concerned they gave me a job, an easy job with good pay and honestly I am grateful for that.

You are entitled to have any rules in a house you want, and guests who rebel are a big nuisance. I had to kick out 2 guest so far out of 1000 because they “talked back”.
But most complied.
Seriously why one person and stupid behavior of Airbnb call center people should effect your life and cause loss of income.


I quit simply because of the lack of trust with them. I asked and asked why they would not make the positive review public, they took screen shots and told me it was, in actual fact yes it showed up when logged into my account but not publicly but they tried to make out it was showing. They would not give me an answer as to why and then they just stopped replying to me at all. The income was extra pocket money but it was never relied on, I do have a couple of regular customers that stay and pay me direct so not lost out and yes I know there are a few host’s in the area but I don’t miss the stress of the feedback. Some people you will never please :slight_smile: .


That’s for sure, I agree with that. If you don’t miss the money then of course . I just feel annoyed when I see that hosts quit because of reviews and stress it causes. I like when people make money😀… I think after 3 years I developed sick enough skin not to take too close to heart all the unfair reviews.
I was superhost for 2 terms and this term I am not anymore. I have 78% 5* reviews. This term I had 2 2* and some 4* but the rest were 5*. And those 2* were just malicious .
One was removed when Air saw my correspondence with the guest prior to his booking.
I was glad to admit to myself that I didn’t even got upset for a second . Though it is pleasant to have a superhost badge but while it doesn’t effect my income I have no feelings toward loosing the status.
And I would probably be devastated if my income stopped


I’m not sure other sites offer much more support concerning unfair reviews.

My friends have a lovely 1960’s built oceanfront home, with accurate pictures and excellent details pointing out the differences in their home’s design vs. newer construction. They have a 3 year stellar review record with VRBO. The kitchen has been updated. They recognize the newer houses offer amenities they don’t so their pricing is very affordable for accommodating 10 guests & is dog friendly.

They recently received a horrible review from someone complaining about things clearly mentioned in the home description & included in the pictures. VRBO didn’t help with getting the review removed.


I am sure you are right I have had someone stay from HomeAway which is the parent company of VRBO they never left a review despite me leaving a good one for them. I think the review system needs to be looked at and made much fairer. Hubby is more than happy to be taking a break from hosting he would like our home back to ourselves for a while. We are lucky though that we do have a guest that comes 2 nights a week now on a regular (pretty much weekly) he’s been coming for over a year and we get on very well so we have a little pocket money coming in and in the busy motor racing season we also have another guest who is happy to fill the other nights. Our guest is not here every week and we had a few bookings that he had to go elsewhere but I am happy for now with just them :slight_smile: No concerns over the ratings & reviews and payment direct to me with no commission to pay. x I may think about hosting again in the future .

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