I need help with with putting on my 9 bed & breakfast rooms

I have put my 9bedroom bed & breakfast business on airb&b. But having problems as I contacted AirB&B asking if there was an easier way to put all the rooms on they they sent me a link and I emailed them but they have not got back to me mean while I have lots of people contacting me but I seem to have done it wrong just need a bit of help otherwise I will have to remove my property as it is causing me a big headache as there is a time limit to answer the messages by. Also I put on there that we do not accept children due to our locatinn & people are messaging wanting large family groups to stay not sure what to do hope someone with a similar property will understand what I am talking about.as Iput the rooms on one at a time but now people are contacting me wanting to book the whole place

I would snooze the listing until you have it sorted out. Answer the emails, do not decline it will hurt you. Not sure what your issues are but it is clear you need to take down the listing for now.


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I think RRR is quite right to suggest you snooze your listing for the moment, then breathe.

Then please post what you have currently listed on here so we can offer help for you to sort it out.

If it helps, I have a much smaller 3 bedroom B&B in the UK, which is divided into two separate listings. One is a suite of two bedrooms and J&J bathroom, which lots of people on here helped me describe well for international travellers, the other a double with private shower room.

We all despair that guests frequently don’t read a listing properly. I constantly had people in the beginning thinking they were renting a whole house for a pittance, could bring children, extra guests etc, despite my house rules clearly saying no. I now send a personalised email after any booking or enquiry, including instant books, that clearly states something along the lines of;-

" I hope you realise that we are not an entire place to rent. This is our home where we live too and offer a small amount of B&B for guests. Please be prepared that there may be other guests staying here at the same time as yourselves. I fully understand if you need to cancel if we are not what you were expecting."


It sounds a bit as if you are complaining that people are interested in booking your place. Isn’t that a good thing? Without a link to your listing it’s difficult to help out but the first thing I thought of - purely in terms of slowing down inquiries - is to increase the minimum nights. Good luck.

Not if the guests aren’t suitable ones @Suntory

I don’t think the OP is complaining so much as feeling overwhelmed by the wrong sort of bookings that she can’t host in her B&B. She is a new host, deserving of our empathy and support.

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How about just starting out with one or two rooms on Airbnb and taking it slowly from there?

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