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I need help creating a spread sheet


I know how to create a spread sheet basic one I should say. I need to track my income and expenses and taxes. I have looked all over the net for one that suits aribnb. Can someone just tell me how to create this?


Not in the space allowed here. Too many variables. Which spreadsheet program for example. This site is NOT conducive to adding lots of graphics which such a “tell me” would require. I spent 35 years as a computer technical writer and you’re asking 'ay too much of this space…


Hello! It might be more basic than I will end up needing, but to start, I went to Google Sheets and they have a range of templates. The one that I chose has transactions, profit and loss, and balance sheet all working together. It at least gave me ideas and a place to start. Good luck!


Thank you for the information.


I have an Excel spreadsheet you could try. This platform doesn’t allow attaching that type of document… so if you’d like to PM me, we can figure out another way to get it to you. :slight_smile:

  1. download the .csv file from where it lets you put in a date range to get info on all your bookings. You can find it under “Earnings” right down the bottom as “Transaction history” and then “export to CSV”.
  2. Open this .csv file in Excel like you would an Excel file. It will come up with a spreadsheet with all the info arranged in columns with the appropriate headers. You might need to muck around with the formatting so it doesn’t look too crowded (tip: size the columns widths so all info fits on one line in each cell then highlight all the rows and double left click on the lowest join and it should resize the row heights so everything looks neat).
  3. you can insert some extra rows at the top for a summary eg totals, #guests, #nights etc and then copy this page into your main accounting spreadie.

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