I need a roof top with water tank

I need to book an apartment in NYC that has a water tank on its roof (bear with me). I’m doing a photographic project when there and need to photograph by a water tank. Any idea how I can put out an alert to your NYC hosts to see if anyone has a tank on their property and the narrow down choices to stay at? Please advise or email me myra@myragonzalez.com for image references

It sounds like what you need is a location for a photo shoot rather, or as well, as an Airbnb.

Many hosts won’t consider photo shoots/filming so you are likely to limit your options.

Have you asked NY Host Facebook groups/forums?

There is a NYC airbnb host group on Facebook. I’d ask there.

Call this place, they might be able to get you to a rooftop water tank in NY.

This has to take the cake for the oddest question we’ve ever received. But as usual the fine hosts here came up with a few ideas! :upside_down_face:

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