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I mean... I just

Sorry. Just venting.


I like the way you broke it down for him.


I’m assuming he wants to check in extremely early based on him giving the flight time.


I guess I have a little bit of fatigue. :slight_smile:

Lately it’s been constant questions that have already been answered (some in the listing, some even in the same message thread); people who are completely uncommunicative; showing up early, leaving late-- you name it.

I really feel like–just in the last few months–the quality of guest has gotten way worse…


The last two months have been the worst so far.


He could,be discombobulated from international traveling. I actually STOOPIDLY did something similar when I recently flew to DC from Hawaii. Forgot to account for the overnight flight… Reserved hotel for day I left and when we dragged our weary asses into the hotel lobby the next day our reservation had auto canceled,because we were thought to be no shows.

By all accounts I am an experienced traveler and long time host. So it can happen!

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Yes, Felix, you have had an unending cavalcade of bad guests the last several months!

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It’s good you “nipped it in the bud” as they say, otherwise you’d have this guy showing up too early.

Had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. This girl just assumed arriving at 8am was OK even though my check in time is 2pm. She casually informed me her flight arrived at 7am and she’d be at my place soon after. It didn’t occur to her that I might have a guest, which I didn’t. I let her know that it would be OK–sounding a bit overly gracious and magnanimous :slight_smile: I think it went right over her head, maybe not. In any case. I had the distinct feeling she had planned to show up regardless.

Show up to a hotel at 0100hrs trying to check in early and you will get billed for the previous evening as well.

This reminds me of a set of guests we had a bit ago who were “experiencing cell phone issues” so they couldn’t call to inform me that they would be about 8 hours early. Lo and behold, I am setting things up, and they barge right in. No knock. No hello. No nothing. They just stroll in, dropping suitcases here and clothing there. Mother drops some fermented diarrhea in the loo. After this, they finally say hello and I ask them if they have a copy of the booking confirmation. The phone is magically repaired and can display the confirmation. “What time is check-in?” “It says 4 o’clock, but we will just watch you prepare. Don’t worry about it. It won’t bother us.” “It may not bother you, but you will not have access until 3pm. There is a mall here, a coffee shop there, and a walking trail here.” Who can be this brash? You would not have expected it before hosting!


I used to get the “barge and drop” guests too. Oh, our flight got in at 11 and we just came down. We figured the room would be ready. Can we just leave our bags, groceries and use the bathroom, take a quick shower and… Then we’ll leave. No… You can’t. Sorry.

I now put this proclamation in my guest directions. So sorry, I cannot accommodate early arrivals. If you do arrive early to Kona, I suggest you have a Mai tai here, see a national park there, or hit the beach over yonder. I will see you at 4pm. Please text with your approximate arrival time. And here’s how you get here.


I had something similar when flying from Hawaii to Vegas:
I purposely booked the “previous” night because the flight was landing very early in the morning (about 5:30 am). I mentioned it in the booking and even called the hotel to note this in the booking (“Yes, confirmed, no problem”).

Arrived at the hotel very tired…and…:“Sorry, Sir, as you did not come yesterday, we cancelled with no refund. No, we cannot let you into the room, the whole stay has been cancelled, as you did not arrive in time. But I can book you a new room. Your credit card, please.”

It took at least 30 minutes for them to understand that I am not stupid and that I booked the previous night on purpose, and to let me access my room. (They asked things like: “Why would you do that? You book a night and do not sleep here? That is a bit suspicious”) You can imagine how I felt after a night flight…just wanted to go to bed.

I only had one Airbnb guest who also booked a night before to check in early. Lots of guests are asking about early check-in, the “best” request was about check-in at 10 pm on the previous day (for free, of course…what do people think?!). I wonder if people like that would ask about something like that in a hotel as well. But over here, the airports operate 24/7, and lots of flights from Europe arrive very early in the morning (5-8), so these requests are common to me.


Oh my goodness @felixcat!

They don’t mind? They don’t MIND? Well, I sure as heck would mind! It’s stressful enough getting a room ready for incoming guests. The last thing I’d need is someone watching me do it! For one thing, that opens up a whole new area for a guest to be picky about and possibly leave a critical review about. “Cleanliness = 3. Host didn’t clean dust from baseboards behind the bed and used Comet on the toilet instead of Scrubbing Bubbles.”

And I suppose it would be one thing if you had a heads up that people were showing up super early, but to barge into your house at 8:00AM? I have no words!

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I had guests showing up at 10 am being very surprised that there is someone is still sleeping in their room.
I “love” those conversation:
Me: You guys are way too early. Check in is at 3 pm.
Guest: O… but our flight was in the morning.
Me:O, but i have a guest sleeping in your room.
Guest: O, we did not think…that you might have someone there
Me: Why?
Guest (totaly confused): Uhm…well…
Me (trying to help): I rent to other people too, you know.
Guests: O, yes of course, we just did not think through, sorry, can we leave our luggage and hang out in a living room?
Me: luggage yes, living room NO.


once my flight arrived in the morning at 6 am, and i had the same story, they cancelled my stay. It was a lot of confusion when i told them i did it on purpose. I had to argue with them that my room is paid until 12 pm, and they had no right to cancel it.

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I look forward to the day when we can set our own custom hours for a day. I’ve also had more than one person who wanted to sleep here in the daytime. Since I am typically not booked every night I am willing to accommodate such requests but to block out the night before and then be unable to rent out again that night after the day guest checks out could be costing me a booking. I had one fellow who just wanted to sleep for a few hours for a discount. I also would have been willing to do that but except that I had no way to make the room available after he checked out for another guest that night.


Felix - just reading about these guests gets my blood starting to simmer.

Not only did they rudely barge in (on purpose)- but then they made a second attempt to try to manipulate you when they acknowledged the 4 p.m. check in on the confirmation. By saying “we don’t mind watching you prepare” - Obviously they had no intention to watch you “prepare” from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (when you said they could have access). They figured you would feel sorry for them and then start on their room right away so they could get in within a couple of hours. Ugh!!!

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I would run the vacuum around them in circles for two hours, just to annoy them.


Unfortunately, I WAS stupid, haha. But had been having direct correspondence with the marketing manager of the hotel. Had sent an email telling her we were leaving and would see her MOnday night. So when we arrived, and found ourselves canceled we had to do the same thing. Rebook at the higher rate. Front desk so friendly and sympathetic that they assured me we should just get some rest and all would be fixed in the morning. In the morning last night’s transaction was voided, it was rebooked at the old rate (a killer $79 per night in the heart of DC) and in addition to that, we were comped free breakfast all week because WE had made a stupid mistake…They just wanted us to have a good feeling about checking into their hotel, no matter whose fault it was. All they wanted in return was a good tripadvisor review, which I gladly gave.

We have had 3 guests this summer book the night previous to actual check in because the were arriving on VERY early AM flights. No question of discounts, which I agree is not the norm, but greatly appreciated.

If we are arriving on an early early flight we typically book the night before at a hotel and call to verify that we will indeed be there checking in a XX time the next day, very odd @tomdxb that the hotel gave you the 3rd degree! Luckily, we have hotel status and generally if we ask to check in post 9am its not a problem, so then I cheap out and just show up and nicely ask to check in early. If it fails I plop down my card and enjoy the sweet sweet sleep and shower. :joy:

An update–in case anyone is curious: I have not heard from him since. Nip it in the bud, I did. :smile:

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