I’m trying to post my listing for the first time

I can’t figure out how to put my pictures in the order that I want them and I don’t see where I can put different prices on different calendar days or mark out days on the calendar that I don’t want to rent. Can you help? do I need to publish it first and then go back and edit?

Hi @Cyndyrr327

I help new hosts build their listings as part of a free service offered to new hosts via Airbnb.

You are in the first build process. There are 2.

Years ago new hosts complained it took too long to build an active listing so Airbnb created a scaled down first build with limited functionality. You are in it.

After you publish you can complete the build and work more with your pictures & pricing.

The second build can take 6-8 hours.

Because a new host doesn’t know what they don’t know, after a new host clicks my invitation to host link, we screen share for the first build & for the second build.

I find it easier to do pictures in the app & the build on the website. The website has much more functionality than the app concerning setting pricing & special weekend rates.

Be aware Airbnb gives new hosts a 30 day boost meaning new listings show up first in the search results for the first 30 days after publishing. You want to complete your build quickly after you publish so you don’t waste that boost.

So I did stumble onto all the things I had questions about, but where is the link to my post?

How is the host-helping going for you? Is your time worth the compensation Airbnb pays you? The Airbnb site is very vague about the reward payments to host ambassadors.

It’s been awhile since you posted about your foray into this. I taught a class on STR in our local adult public ed facility a few years ago, so I’ve thought about doing it.

The link to what post? You mean a post here or your listing?

I’m enjoying it. Airbnb just increased the compensation so it’s fairly worth it. I’m enjoying getting to know the hosts.

Yes Airbnb is vague about the compensation because it varies depending upon location. A few months ago it was $348 for an ambassador in the southeast at the same time $768 for an ambassador in NY.

It is now $565 for in my area. I find the regional differential bizarre because I’ve worked with hosts in NC, SC, GA, AZ, WA, & NY.

It is a needed service as demonstrated by some of the threads in this group. Unfortunately recruiting new clientele is a bit difficult because people don’t know what they don’t know, watch a YouTube video, leap into the build then realize they have much to learn. After they’ve done the first publish, it’s too late to connect with a new host ambassador.

If you are interested, try it out.

There seems to be some confusion about the term Airbnb Ambassador. I’ve seen lots of hosts use that term when they seem to be talking about Airbnb CS reps.


it’s very annoying!
so you need to immediately turn off Instant Book and turn off the 20% discount that ABB puts on your new listing (or, make your prices a little bit higher)

i’d also close down your calendar beyond 3 months, just to give yourself time to know what you are doing.

Also are you doing this all on your computer? hopefully you aren’t trying to do it on your phone, not all the features are available in the phone app.

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Airbnb has embraced the word ambassador for many services

They have Customer Service Ambassadors
New Host Ambassadors
Safety & Security Ambassadors
And probably a few more.

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