I love my neighbors

My neighbor a block away is infamous every December. It’s probably the most excessive seasonal display in town, and it attracts visitors every night. I haven’t counted this year, but last year he had 72 Santas. People who want to get rid of them bring them to him.

He put in a separate breaker box for all the outside waterproof outlets. His electric bill for December is triple that for November or January.

The neighborhood supports him, just like they support the (before the pandemic) 6 AirBnBs that are their neighbors.

Regardless of your faith or lack thereof, may you all have a great holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


There are a few homes on the way into our neighborhood that go overboard like this! Yes lots of appreciation and looky looos, Halloween too, of course!

Happy Holidays,
Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Maybe we can turn this into our Christmas decor share thread<><>

Let’s all YaHOO in 2021!


Cool- looks like a giant gingerbread house.




What else can I do early this year???

Have a NYE party :smile:

OH and I had one last night in the kitchen, mainly because our businesses are curfewed at 6pm and right up till then the rain was monsoon like, so nobody was out.

I mean, what else can you do when you harvest limes, you have mucho ron and you have la música.

Probably fortunate we have no guests right now…


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Hey! We have so many limes too, what is your favorite thing to do with them??
I am making lime ice cubes , we have 100’s of them…
John F >>sounds enjoyable!!

OH worked in Lisbon for a few years and we still have many friends there.

So many memories of drinking numerous caipirinhas in small, hole in the wall Brazilian restaurants that it’s our go to when we have sufficient limes. We struggle to get cachaça here, so usually just use ron blanco.



I knew many, many caipirinha in my Brazil travel days and lambada dancing days:) I will try to find some Cachaca<><>

Lime and rum +simple syrup, is a Daiquiri, which we were introduced to and had several with a guest recently!