I love My Job As A Host

As hosts we get to meet nd interact with people from around the world; learning about different cultures and things.

Had the nicest experience this week. A young couple from Switzerland stayed with us for 3 nights during their 2-week Florida odyssey from Disneyland to Key West. He is Chief Engineer at a major resort; she is a student majoring in Tourism.

I’ve “always” known that the Swiss used multiple languages - German, French and Italian. But our male host explained that his ‘native language’ was the 4th official Swiss language – Romansh! I had never heard of such a thing. Turns out that Romansh is the direct descendent of Vulgar Latin – the spoken language of the Roman Empire. The original Romance language as it were. There are only 35-40,000 Romansh speakers in the world.

Always learning something interesting from our guests!!


That’s nice, Ken. I’ve also had some super guests recently, people I would be friends with in real life :smile: It makes hosting a pleasure rather than a chore!!!

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Recently had as guests a sweet mom and her 7 year old son, who carefully wrote “Thank you. Love, Conner” on my whiteboard. During their stay, we were chatting and he asked his mom if the airbnb was like living at college. She said “No hon, college is not this nice, and they don’t give you snacks.”