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I know I should know this, but

How do I find where guests have left reviews of other Airbnb places?

I don’t think you can! I’ve never seen that before.

I thought it WAS possible. A local host told me she’s done this in order to avoid over-picky guests. I’m just not sure where she found the reviews. Not unless I’ve misunderstood? (always a possibility)

Maybe click on the guest profile and then click under reviews… It is a good idea to avoid the overly picky guest we all enjoy … NOT!

If you find out how, let us know!

Under reviews on their personality page, I see what hosts have said of them, but not what they said of hosts. This would be a great aid indeed, for potential hosts.

It used to be the case that you could see reviews written by guests by clicking on their profile, but I have noticed that you can’t see it anymore. I think AirBnB is reading this forum and changing accordingly!

It probably would not have screened all the ghastly nit picky guests I’m afraid, such as my wind chiming hating, shampoo-stealing Alberta witch. By the way watch out for them, Manoahost, they like to visit Hawaii. So watch out for a Gillian. I’m kicking myself that I left a good review for them after she so cruelly slammed me so hard in private feedback. Even though I know what she said is not true, her nasty words still run through my mind sometimes. Horrific abusive person.

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Airbnb makes it time consuming to find the reviews that guest have written for other hosts, but with perseverance it can be done.
First go to the guest’s profile and see the reviews about them. Then click on the photo for the host that they reviewed. You then need to scroll through all the reviews for the host until you find the one written by the guest in question. Then repeat this process for as many reviews as you have patience to research!
Not a transparent system :wink:
Another pet peeve of mine is that no where can a host see the star rating or the thumbs up/down rating given a guest by other hosts. This topic has been hotly discussed of late on the Airbnb Community Forum – https://community.airbnb.com/t5/General-Hosting/We-d-like-to-see-a-Super-Guest-category-then-be-able-to-turn-on/m-p/9581#M1971

Happy Hosting — Lia


Thank you. I did think it was going to be onerous.

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It’s not so bad, Reeny - just note the date that the review was left by the host, then click on the host’s site and scroll down to that date. Takes just a few moments. I just tested it on myself. ; )


Right. What they said. It’s not really as tedious as you might think. Most guests have not stayed at a ton of places, so all you have to do is check the profiles for people who have hosted them and then find the review from that guest. It’s a really good idea, because you can see how that host is generally reviewed, so you get better insight into whether the guest’s review of that host was pretty much inline with what other guests have said of that guests stands out. Very good clue as to their degree of nit-picky-ness. :slightly_smiling:


Well, never would have thought of it. It works.

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