I just trained a new Airbnb user!

Just had a prospective guest write in and ask:

Do we have to share the bathroom with other guests ?

Well, yes… it turns out you do. Which is why it says SHARED BATHROOM on the top line of the description! It’s also why we spend a paragraph later on explaining that we clean it every day because it is shared and we know no one wants to see somebody else’s mess.

So, I promptly Declined his request and sent him this message that will hopefully make him a better prospect for the next host:

I’m sorry for declining your request to stay in our place. But to ask if the bathroom is shared shows you didn’t take the time to even glance at our description. Because the answer to your question is right at the top of our listing where it says: Bathroom: Shared

We also mention it at least twice in the written part of our description.

We’ve found that guests who don’t care enough to take the time to even glance at our description - don’t really understand the differences between Airbnb and a hotel. And because of that they cause far more trouble for us than it’s usually worth.

So, for that reason, I’m going to decline your request.

Thank you.


Wow. Well done @JonYork.

Cracking! Polite but firmly so.

Maybe they wanted to know if it was shared between guests vs just sharing with the hosts? I might have given the benefit of the doubt to a brand new user on that one.

That said, I’ve had a few people message me asking how far my property is from (fill in the blank). I really want to send them back this link (but I don’t)- http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google+maps :grin:


Yeah, I thought about that, but unfortunately for him, we’re making almost too much money this month (!) and as a result were feeling pretty lazy. So the slightest hint that somebody’s going to be annoying… I’m looking for ways to avoid them!

If this were January (our dead season), I probably would have politely answered his questions and begged him to stay!