I haven't gotten page views in 5 days..have you?

Either nobody’s coming to my area or my page isn’t showing up because I’m booked solid for this month?

Me too. I think the system is still working. I also got bookings in the last days, so I think everything works regulary, except the statistics.

Depends where you are … I’m the same but I’m in the UK its low season

Things are starting to come to a screeching halt here in Hawaii …right on schedule!

There is a glitch at the moment, I know I have views everyday (I got bookings, enquiries, and people added my listing to their wishlist), but the statistics in my dashboard show 0 view, whereas the app tells me I have about 30 views per day.

Hi Barthélemy. Could you tell me how to see if you are on people’s Wishlist? Thanks Craig from Australia

You can see how many people wish-listed you with a number that is shown right under/below the Save to Wish button on your listing. Actually there is a glitch for some properties (mine as well) on where the save-to-wish-list number never changes. I have tested this myself with fake accounts and after hitting the save-to-wish-list button, the number increases but then a few hours later it rolls back to the orginal value. I have tested this (same account) on other properties and in some of them it works well, specially the newer ones. The reason I was up to make this test was because I haven´t seen my numbres changing since a while and I wouldn´t understand why.

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Thanks so much Monica have been noting for years and never noticed. Is that figure just for the year? Kind wishes from Australia( however I am in Bali at present :sunglasses:

Me neither. I think they are busy doing the Superhost evaluations which should be completed today. If so we should see an update soon.

I’m the same. According to the stats I’ve had no views since April 2nd. Strange when I’ve received bookings since that time!


Same here! Exactly since 2nd of April. But I got 3 bookings in this time. :slightly_smiling:

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It’s weird that it hasn’t affected the mobile version though – and that it’s been going on for a week now! Our bookings and inquiries have been slow lately so it’s making me nervous.

I haven’t gotten any page views since April 2. As others say, it may be because of the pending superhost assessment, but that’s been going on for over a week. I haven’t gotten any bookings or inquiries in a while either.

Wouldn’t the Superhost bit be automated?

As a webbery person, I’d say yes.

Same here, and requests/inquiries have been throught the roof. Summer is coming :slight_smile:

On another note, wow 148 people have saved my place. Good to know

Hi @Barthelemy,

What app are you referring to? If there is an alternative to Airbnb’s counter, I’d like to know what it is.

Link your listing so we can all go look at it and that should make your page views go up.

This is from April… paladin has moved on by now.