I have written an awesome browser script for airbnb

We have about 30 listings on Airbnb and were tired of peeping through
that tiny window scrolling up and down and left and right to look at
the calendar.
So I came up with this script that adjusts the calendar to use the whole screen.

I am now optimizing it so I can share it with other hosts.

This version is an early test so might not work 100 percent.

You need google Chrome and can install the extension here : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/airbnb-calendar-enhancer/iljmknhhlmjbgbncikdjkjhdoalelkja The calendar will automatically adjust when you load it. Click the airbnb logo next to the date to resize it back to normal.

Please give me any feedback you may have so I can improve the functionality




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Works!! thanks for this extension, it’s great.

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Where are you getting this calendar from on Airbnb? I haven’t seen a calendar that looks like that. I like it better than what I see though.

You see if it you have multi -listings, it’s in your Manage Listings tab

Hi there,

The multi calendar is found here :slightly_smiling:First click on “Your listings”, then click on “View multi-calendar”

Good luck!

OMG! Thank you so much for showing me that! We have two listings and it has been a never ending annoyance to have to click on each one one at a time to manage the calendar! And that was sitting there all along and I had never once clicked on it!

Now that I’ve clicked on it I see what you mean about it being impossible to look at. I’m going to download your plugin right now. I hope you can make one for Firefox too at some point.


Very cool! If I ever add a second listing I’ll try this out.

Anyone wish there was a script to auto-reply to inquiries with an, “I’m away from the computer right now, but will respond to your inquiry shortly”? I hate it when I wake up and see I had a request right after I went to bed!

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I tried it out and love it! But just one little problem - that I’m not sure is caused by the plugin or something else. But when I click on a date, a box pops up and 3/4ths of it goes higher than the top of the browser window and is impossible to see. I would attach a screenshot but I don’t see any way to attach files here.

When I went to the multi-calendar in firefox the pop up stayed visible the whole time.


Thnaks for the feedback. I see what you mean. This only happens to the property on the first row right?
I’ll implement a solution for this in the next update (in a few days).


In the mean time, you can use the airbnb logo next to “Today” to resize the calendar to its original size to avoid this problem. This button will also be improved in the next version of the script…


Cool thing, but not working on chrome for mac…

Stig, I have two properties, so just two lines… and it happens on both lines.

OK. Noted. We’ll work on it in the next update.


Well done, does it work with safari as well?


Does this extension work with the new multi-calendar that Airbnb have just launched?


No not yet. We’ll have to ask the programmer to re write everything as airbnb changed their multi calnedar. Te be honst the new calendar is HORRIBLE and wastes half of the screen space. I have been in touch with someone from the airbnb IT team and they are looking into changing it so I’m waiting until then to do anything to the extension.

Hi Stig

Thank you for your prompt response

I to have communicated with Airbnb, both on the feedback section of their web site and with the Person from Airbnb who looks after the Airbnb community portal. The new calendar is a disaster and I do not understand why they have replaced the old one with something far inferior

Please keep me updated with progress on your new tool



New calendar is HORRIBLE indeed. can’t sort, filter, and see all listings in one page.
I wonder what made airbnb to make it so user unfriendly.

Could you give a more “step by step”. Where do I paste the extension? (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/airbnb-calendar-enhancer/iljmknhhlmjbgbncikdjkjhdoalelkja)
If I have Airbnb multi calendar up (I have two properties) it just goes to a 401 error …