I have tricky situation

I have question. Somebody Ask me to Make reservation, but he will not stay phisicaly, just want to get cash From me. To give me 20% of his reservation, and to Send HIM cash

Run don’t walk away. NO, NO and NO…


Thanks you. Its sound ilegal, i Never get something before

Do you know what his doing? He Said that he get bonus trip From company

I would actually report the profile to AirBnB, this is against all rules and TOS.


Yes it’s a scam is 99%. You give him cash and AirBnB debits you for cash when the credit card declines in a week or so.


It sound bed, thanks you so much for ansewer me.

This is a well known scam that circulates.

How that works? If money get to my card its mean that Also arbnb get money

If the initial charge that was approved gets decline later which does happen. AirBnB will deduct that same amount from you later. One host I know personally had a credit card charge decline after two weeks and AirBnB removed the 3 day stay cost from her future revenue since in the end they did not get paid. If it’s a stolen card card it can take up to two weeks or more for payment to be declined.

O my friend. Very bed. I Can not believe what people doing. Thanks you for help

Report him to Airbnb. This is a scam. Have nothing to do with him. Tell Airbnb to cancel his request or reservation, whichever it is.


Please report this to Airbnb. There is a flag symbol under the request, click that to report, also contact Airbnb to report. Many hosts have been reporting this exact scam- some hosts have gotten multiple fake requests like this.


Ok. Thanks guys. You Help me


Hmmmm that Nigerian Prince has discovered Airbnb…


This is a well known scam. They will be using a stolen credit card, or often stolen card information, so the charge won’t be denied until the actual card holder sees it on their card bill. 3 weeks later Air will be taking the entire charge out of your bank account.

The other variation is that they will want to rent off platform, and will send you a forged cashier’s check, which will take a week to 10 days to bounce, while they ask you to send some “extra cash” to them immediately by some means that you can’t retrieve the money from (gift cards or Western Union wire payments).

Nope. I get a monthly email from folks attempting to arrange for a week’s worth of full day standby limo service for a “business group” from China, and I’m supposed to accept their bogus payment and send them money. At least the virus will put a stop to that — I expect Nigerian “business groups” now.

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A credit card is used at a major firm. The payment is either accepted or rejected.

Considering the fees paid to credit card firms, is there no protection for hosts? Aren’t we paying for that with our fees? Why are we paying for shoddy interfaces?

It’s more than lame. It’s a security matter. Unless you believe they will stop stealing once they get in your home.

if a multi billion dollar firm does not have a direct interface with credit card firms, wtf?

Three weeks to clear? The mind reels.

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We’re paying for shoddy interfaces so that Brian Chesky can become a multimillionaire.