I have NEVER had guests this bad!

Ugh … The guest staying with me right now are horrific!!

First they booked the place without reading the listing. This was CLEARLY obvious when they were scared of my dogs and expected me to lock them away. Not going to happen and I pretty much told them they’d have to get over it (in nicer words).

Then, apparently, they have NO CLUE how to clean up after themselves. After asking them nicely multiple times and even going as far as to DEMONSTRATE how to clean, they still do not look after themselves and I am left walking into a mess every time I go into the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Top to this ALL off, I find out they are dumping food down my sink (clogging it up), they’ve been tracking in cigarette smoke into the house, they think it’s ok to be using a blender and banging kitchen things around AT MIDNIGHT, they yell on their phones at all hours of the day AND they gave out my address so they could have things delivered to my place!!

Normally, I honestly would just say whatever, chalk it up to a bad experience and move on, however, I have other guest coming to stay in the house (in a week) and I am afraid they are going to make me look bad as well as create and uncomfortable environment for the other guests.

It’s gotten to the point that I have now gotten Airbnb formally involved. I don’t know what they are going to be able to do, but this is just nuts and I am SO done with it.

What did Airbnb say?
Since you already told them how to behave or not to behave I can see only one way out of it is to ask them to leave.
In a beginning I had guests who acted almost like that, dinners at 11 p.m., loud laugh at all times, shouting all day. Then I didn’t say anything, now I would ask them to leave. If it was one thing I would have told them, but if it’s so many I would just ask then to go.
And you right, your other guests are not going to like the noise and mess everywhere .

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Thanks for the reply!
I haven’t heard back from Airbnb yet about the situation but will definitely post what they get back to me with.
I mean, also on top of everything else I listed above, they are in violation of Airbnb policy. The two people staying here are NOT the people who’s account was used to book, it was one of their dads. AND I just heard them on the phone today and apparently they used their dad’s account to also get a room for their brother.
I’ve mentioned this all to Airbnb and reported their account.

Get rid of them immediately! They’ve broken so many policies so far in their booking with you and they are also getting your home address logged with who knows which organisation ect. I’ve had a similar experience of my address being used by a guest, unknown by me but that’s another story, to have things delivered and then the demanding letters for fines ect started showing up as he was trying to also get id to open bank accounts ect. The risk is that they will get credit black lists on your home, bailiffs or police turning up depending on what they have delivered to your house ! The complete lack of honesty and respect they’ve shown you and you’re home so far , means they won’t be concerned about any repercussions that might come your way from any of they’re actions.
Seriously , develop your confidence and respect yourself ,they don’t ! Get some personal support to get these energy sucking people out of your space and all good luck to you. Let us know how you get on.


Did you use the ‘urgent’ option and CALL Airbnb? This is horrible. Call Airbnb now and get rid of them.

So sorry - these types of guests are exhausting - I hope your next group ‘makes it all better’.

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Why don’t you call Airbnb instead of emailing. They will be out in a second.,I don’t think they are grown up enough to stay in someone’s house without adult supervision. Their parents did a lousy job in teaching their Kids civility .

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It was pretty late last night, hence why I didn’t call.
However, I have been in contact with them this morning and they said they are looking into the situation and will get back to me.

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Throw them out right now. You can’t use another persons account to stay with you. You keep there money they get to leave. Take your dogs to them and say your out for misrepresenting the reservation.