I hate ironing who likes it?

I know hosts have asked before about bedding that doesn’t need to be ironed, I hate ironing, just saw my favorite duvets on sale on amazon, I’m going to stock up on these they are super soft, straight back on the bed from the dryer and I even have guests asking me where I buy such soft Duvets and Sheets. Affordable and easy.

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I haven’t ironed anything in 40 years, and have no intention of starting that nonsense again!


Are there people who like ironing? I don’t think I would like these people, although I want to meet one anyway. :rofl:

I like the Ofelia Vass duvet covers from IKEA. They’re seersucker cotton and look crisp without ironing.

Thank you SO much. I think I will buy too. I don’t like ironing in particular but I don’t dislike it either. There are things i dislike more than ironing. Usually I iron watching tv and it passes time easier. And when I say ironing i mean shirts or clothes not bed sheets :slight_smile:

Hi Folk,
Not too keen on ironing, but I do iron all our pillowslips and tablecloths when the laundry basket starts to overflow.
Listening to ABC Conversations (Australian Radio online) or Ted Talks simultaneously spurs me on to get to the very bottom of that basket.
Ironing is a zillion times preferable to cleaning the Venetian blinds, once again I can get through this blind cleaning business if I have something engaging to listen to.


I iron the pillowcases and I actually find it relaxing.


I don’t quite love ironing but I do like things ironed so what’s a person to do?

I always used to be puzzled when I read American housekeeping books (yes, I’m that sad …) and they talked about “drying and folding” laundry. I used to be “Hey, haven’t you missed a step, Mrs Flylady?” until I realised that most people in the US machine rather than line dry which I suppose causes fewer creases.

I manage to get away with minimum ironing, as laundry is the job of The Husband and a great local ironing service who do duvet covers and sheets. He does his stuff and “anything flat” which is mostly the mound of pillow cases you get through in an Airbnb. So I’m only left with my stuff and even I don’t iron underwear or sweaters.

I think though that ironing vs folding is another of those Roundhead/Cavalier, Topsheet/Notopsheet, Shoeson/shoesoff things that we will never agree on …


we only Iron the pillow cases


I definitely dislike ironing, but I have met people who like it. I don’t iron anything for my listing unless it’s really wrinkled, and then I just run the iron over it when the sheets are on the bed to get the bad wrinkles out, I don’t try to make them all starched and crisp looking. No guest has ever complained.
But I do have to iron quite a bit as an upholsterer/seamstress. Try having to iron top, side, and bottom hems over on miles of curtains before pinning and sewing. You’ll think doing pilowcases is a breeze.

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I’m thinking maybe I could do this if I’m waiting on a guest to check-in…but then this exactly the kind of guest I would be less inclined to do such a special thing for…lol

I iron all the linen for my beds since even with drier sheets and in a large commercial drier, they come out wrinkled. That means 2 single and 1 queen flat sheet, 2 single and 1 queen fitted sheet and 8 pillow cases. I don’t make them like new but it shows they were freshly laundered.

I don’t love it but it’s therapeutic and I usually have my PC on watching Netflix some other streaming site at the same time. Catch up on my viewing :slight_smile:

There is something quiet and contemplative about ironing, particularly if I can look out a window and see the yard and birds while I stand there. It’s a lot like hand-washing dishes. Zen-like.