I had a superb winterseason until yesterday

I have not been here for a while. We had a very busy winter season the last 3 months.
A few hundred guests with over 2000 night stays.
A lot of returning guest and many already booked for 2021

But now it all ended. The season is officially over. Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg closed all ski resorts and hosting facilities.
All tourist have to leave these states by Monday 16.03 at the latest.

So I spend all morning canceling bookings for the next 4 weeks.

I do not know how we will manage financially, but the good thing is that we are not the only one, but everyone suffers.

I wonder how AirBnB can hold up, they run on advanced payments from guests and their pool of money must dry up very fast. They will run into a liquidity sooner or later unable to pay hosts. Their IPO will postponed for sure.

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Not sure why it’s a good thing that everyone is suffering @Chris?

Glad you have had a good season. Hope that tides you over.

The travel industry worldwide is taking a huge hit. And the economic damage may mean it may take a while to recovery. Tourism in my area slumped in 2009-10 because of the economy.

Lufthansa is parking all their A380s and reducing the number of trips on major routes using A330s and A320s. And I think Boeing will have plenty of time to fix the many glitches and the software for all those grounded 737 MAXs.

There is a huge fleet of older 787s that are used mostly for the Hajj that probably won’t fly. I’m betting Mecca will be closed this year, or admission will be severely restricted.

I’m in a cruise port and also have an excursion business. Bookings have really slowed. Like you, I’m holding my breath. If I have non-working days this summer I’ll grow a big vegetable garden, go fishing, and try to fill the freezer with salmon.

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For an individual business it is hard to get support, but if the group that suffers is large enough you will get support.

If you have a fire or another disaster in your business you are on your own.

If just one town suffers like with avalanches or floods there is support but is is limited.

If one of the main industries of a country suffers all kinds of programms and arrangements will be made to support businesses. Because the tourism industry is too big too fail.

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