I don't manage to get any reservations on Booking or Airbnb, although I feel did most of what I can

I’m not sure if it because of the tense security situation in Israel right now or because I did something wrong.
Someone please can review my listings briefly and tell what I maybe should improve?
Maybe the pricing?
How to get someone to look at it?
I can’t send links

Add the link to your listings to your profile info here. When we click on your profile, we will see them.
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Are you in Israel?

I added links in the about me rn, but still not sure if that what you meant?
And yes I’m in Israel

When you say that you’ve done what you can, what do you mean exactly? How have you marketed your listing?

placed it Airbnb and Booking
tried to put some nice photos and lower the price
working on Vrbo and Homeaway, although need to work on better photos and they are not my mine priority
You also can find it on google maps
Tried Facebook but it failed miserably
Other than that I don’t know much else

That’s quite the place you have. Of course, I don’t think you are going to get bookings right now- tourists are fleeing, not coming.

Aside from that, your listing is set up completely wrong. It seems you are wanting to rent out rooms separately with shared use of common spaces.
If you have 6 bedrooms to rent out, you need 6 separate listings, one for each room.

Each listing should only picture that bedroom, as well as the bathroom, and the common spaces guests have access to. (And your beds need bedside tables on both sides of a bed for 2 people, with reading lamps)

Each listing should be priced for that room only. And indicate howany guests the room sleeps.

You have no description of the living situation. I have no idea if you and your family live there all the time, whether guests can use the kitchen to prepare their meals, whether each bedroom has its own bathroom, if not, who and how many others are guests going to be sharing a bathroom or the common spaces with.

You have no description of what is provided to guests in their room or in the kitchen.

In other words, you haven’t made it the least bit clear what a guest would be booking, what the interaction with your family would consist of, or anything guests need to know when they are looking for a place to book.


However – there are thousands of Journalists…

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Truly. that isn’t the way to market your listing.

Aren’t you working at promotion?

Sorry, new users are going to be limited for the foreseeable future. You’ve found a workaround for now. Best of luck, my thoughts are with all the innocent victims of the violence.

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Headline in Washington Post newspaper:
(This link should get everyone past the paywall)


During the chaos of war, Israel tourism goes dark

Flights have been canceled, tourist sites have closed and hotels are pivoting to relief efforts

Wow, your place is gorgeous! I would feel like a princess staying there. That might be the issue, it’s too classy and expensive for the average traveler looking at Airbnb to book a place. I don’t think Airbnb is the right platform for your luxurious property. You need a platform that caters to folks with expensive taste and lots of money in their pockets.

Of course, right now no one would travel because of the war. May God protect Israel and it’s people. Praying for peace.


Your link defaults to a Hebrew-language listing. For other members of this forum, here’s a shortcut to an English version.


For what it’s worth, this villa is so formal it may not appeal to North American recreational tourists. Just a modest personal opinion from a modest Airbnb host and occasional recreational tourist.

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The listing is confusing. First it says it is a room in a shared home, later it says the guest has the entire villa to themselves except for some locked rooms.
Hoping the situation in Israel is resolved quickly and as peacefully as possible.

And some cross listing reference to help people who might want to rent two (or three) of your rooms and to a distinct listing for the whole place (say… for a wedding or a corporate retreat or a safe-distance-from-the-front-lines “base camp” for a TV crew in case there happens to be any big news stories breaking in Israel.)

I planned on renting the house as a whole for now

ok, I really should do photos for each room and description
Ill work on it

I am assistance and came from a different field, and i give myself a score of 5 out 10 as I see it so far
Ill need to work more on it

most of the reservations in my area came from domestic tourism
The town of Caesarea is like a town of mostly rich people, many many Villas even a big golf field around 3 km from the property

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Then it is listed incorrectly under “Rooms”.
And unclear what you have written about your family being there sometimes.