I don't like Airbnb experiences

I like renting out my apartment. I love getting in contact with my guests.
Sometimes it’s fun to cook for the guests. Sometimes the guests cook for us. Sometimes I take them out for dinner or events or even some drinks.

But if I would sell this as a service I would feel like a prostitute. Can somebody buy friendship?


I did an Airbnb experience in LA.

Hands down it was incredible and I would do it again in a heart beat. Experiences aren’t about cooking a meal with a guest or spending time with them.

It’s about imparting very specific knowledge you have and helping them to get an insiders view. In order to successfully host an experience I’d say you’d need expertise and passion.

My experience in LA was with a food blogger who works with the food network, 10k followers on instagram. In the 2 day immersive experience I spent a lot of time with her learning tips and tricks on how to improve my own photography as well as my social
media presence. And at the end of it we are not friends - it was about knowledge exchange.

Clearly what she’s offering is not the same as cooking a meal with a host or going out for a drink.


Don’t like Airbnb experiences? Don’t offer them, don’t book them.

And yes, people buy friendship all the time.


I am revving up to provide an experience. (Photography with an acknowledged expert). But I’ve found that I don’t have enough information as yet. One thing I’ve not sussed out as yet is this - do you have to be a host to offer an experience? Or are they independent of hosting?

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The don’t have to be hosts; the person I did the experience with wasn’t an Airbnb host … just an expert in their chosen area.


Ja, I understand that it can be well. Maybe I’m just not made for it.

My brother in law is a quite famous singer in Germany and we took guests from Singapore with us to a concert yesterday. Hanging around backstage, free drinks and food, meet and greet with the band. It was fun. But I could never plan something like this. It only happended because I liked the guests. I could never sell this as a service.


No id agree … it would be an odd thing to sell as a service in my opinion ! I imagine your brother would feel you were taking advantage of him !


I know. I just wanted to say: I think I’m not capable of it :slight_smile:

Well there’s nothing wrong with not offering an experience. It seemed to me that you thought it was the same as cooking together or sharing a drink with your guests. It’s not.

No. What I wanted to say is that you maybe sell out parts of our personality. If you let strangers participate your every day life. And I don’t like it.

If you have a passion and want to consistently share that with people, experiences are for you. If you don’t, then you don’t need to feel you have to create an experience. :). The experience does need to be something you can repeat… be it weekly, fortnightly etc.

I’m thinking about putting a market tour together along with a cooking class. It wouldnt be me sharing my everyday, it would be me leading a session that had specific aims and objectives. I suspect the most successful experiences will be similar… there needs to be an element of learning otherwise it’s just sitting around chatting and I would never pay for that.


I would book it. You are in London, right? Love the city.

Yes I’m a Londoner :slight_smile:

And of course the class will be teaching a British classic… rhubarb crumble, Victoria Sponge or similar depending on the season :wink:


Just wondered what people would think if I added spotted dick or gooseberry fool. I would totally take a class learning how to make spotted dick just for the lols. (Sorry if anyone got offended I have a puerile sense of humour.)


Not to be a tourist here but I love me some shepherds pie and a pint!


I think Spotted Dick sounds disgusting. I think suet should be kept far apart from dessert (pudding = to you Brits).

It’s actually rather marvellous if made properly - and with real custard :slight_smile:


Mmmm and what about mince pies also with suet! Yum yum this the season for a mince pie and I’m in Mexico :weary:

Oh wow. I’ve just eaten dinner but I could certainly polish off a plate of mince pies :slight_smile:

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I made my Danish hosts a shepherds pie. First they looked high and low for lamb mince and couldn’t find it so I agreed to make a cottage pie. Then they couldn’t find gravy granules. Long and short of it was I learned how to make gravy without gravy granules too as you can’t have cottage/shepherds pie without gravy!

I’ve never seen anyone clean their plates so fast.