I didn't meet their un-mentioned expectations

“-we are allergic to scents and perfume – unscented laundry detergent for the sheets and towels would be appreciated and also there was a perfume scent in the two ensuite bath. Unscented would be preferred. -step-by-step instructions for the internet login because the screen prompt on our screen did not match the words on your internet login page -clearer instructions that the internet login was in the cabby over the desk in the KITCHEN (we looked and looked in the cabby over the office desk) -extra paper towels (or explicit instructions as to where in the laundry room they live) -instructions that specified which lockbox (there were two) and clarified the instructions (i.e. code plus press button) for the lockbox impaired :slight_smile: -a bag in the bathroom trash would have been helpful to collect q-tips, tissues and such. We were not comfortable leaving them without a bag, knowing that you would have to touch the debris, so we carted it downstairs -there were dirty grounds in the coffee maker when we got there, not a big deal but … -the kcups tasted yucky, so we used the grounds. A better brand for the kcups would have been nice at this price point -a dog poop garbage bin with a foot pedal for poop bags somewhere, perhaps on the porch or patio would be helpful. Even though they were in bags, we didn’t want to dispose of them in the kitchen trash near food items, and ended up taking them with us.”

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Thanks for sharing these tips for success from your guest. I’ve also learned that no-scent is better. I also use bags in the trash bins.

My question: is this from the published review or the the private feedback. :confused:


During communication, the only concern they mentioned was did I have bed bugs. (no, I don’t) They did ask for the availability of ATT cell network (weak at best); do I have a land line for conference calls (sure, no prob), and was my internet fast (Oh yes, its screaming fast Comcast).

They rented my home, while we stayed downstairs in a locked off area. They called at 7:30 p.m. cus they couldn’t get the lock box open (that’s a first), and they couldn’t log on to the wifi (again, a first)

Thank goodness, private feedback. But if only they had told me! I’m more than happy to meet all their needs…

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Here was my private reply to them:

Thank you for the valuable private feedback.

If I had known you were allergic to scent, I would have been more than happy to use the clear detergent in a special container on the laundry room counter that are unscented pods. There is one of those plug in scent thingies in the office bath. You probably were smelling it.

I had Kirkland Brand K-cups coffee in the drawer under the toaster/coffee pot. There are other varieties of coffee and tea there too. I must have forgot to empty my pod of coffee grounds from the a.m. I don’t use prefilled pods for recycling reasons.

#3 said that the code for the wifi was in a cupboard above the kitchen desk. “We have a secure WiFi. The code is on a piece of paper inside the cupboard door above the kitchen desk.”

#10 said that paper towels were in the laundry room. Several rolls are in one of the cupboards. Next time, I’ll put out a full roll for my guests.

I have a pooper scooper right next to the gate in the back yard. There is a handled bag hanging there for all poop, 'cus with two dogs and the deer and other animals, we certainly get poop!

I had never thought of bags for the bath trash cans. I can get some at Costco.

It was getting dark when you arrived, so the Realtor box must not have been immediately recognizable.

Should you wish to return to visit our beautiful county and stay at our home, remind me of the above and I will have absolutely no problem meeting your needs. I love my guests and want to make my home your’s for your stay.

Thank you very much, again. Truly.

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Sounds like another case of people trying too hard to think of “something you can improve.” Ugh.

Really makes you want to reply “if I could read minds I’d have much better job.”

Were they generally good guests aside from private feedback?


I only met them when I came up to open the lock box. Otherwise, they were quiet and gone each day exploring, with their elderly corgi. They never cooked anything; they did drink my Almond milk and ate a personal sized watermelon, but I certainly didn’t mind that!

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This is exactly how G, whom I shared on the BGL acted… only hers were much more scary and weird. I would hate these guests. Maybe you should share them on the new BGL. :smile:

What is a cabby? (Other than a guy who drives a taxi).

So your house rules or house notes stated exactly where to find the wifi and where to find the extra paper towels. But she said said you should improve on explicit instructions?

“A better brand for kcups at this price point” - lol. My guests get ground coffee packets from Sam’s Club for the Mr. Coffee maker. Take it or leave it. I might leave three packets, or I might leave four. But it’s only intended to be there in case someone arrives late at night and the store is closed - which is very rare. Or if just one person in the group likes a cup or two a day. Then they don’t have to go buy a whole bag. I would say the majority of my guests don’t even touch it and bring the good stuff. I would have a good chuckle if someone suggested I should purchase more expensive coffee for my price point. Well…then I would need to increase the rate…lol.

removed from my post

I thought it was “cutsey” abbreviation for cabinet.

btw: that highlighted bold text in my reply weirdly showed up here. It was NOT in my lovely understanding reply to them.

Ah, that could be it. Confusing.

Holy crap! Are you really that desperate to have these whiner twits back? Bags in the bathroom waste bin? And all the other minor stuff? I would not have been so nice, or probably a little more brief and then I’d make a mental note of their last name so I could have a good excuse ready.

not sure what you mean?

At least it was private - but yes, they could have reached out to you to try to fix things, or talk to you beforehand if they had allergy concerns. People are silly.

On a coffee side note, there are two local coffee roasteries in the town we have our vacation home that we rent out to folks. We provide a 10oz bag of locally roasted coffee for our guests, whether it’s a 2 night or 2 week stay. We like supporting local business and it doesn’t work out to be too much extra out of our pockets. Just trying to earn that 5 star rating! :joy:

I’m not sure if this forum is public and since the BGL is private, I didn’t know whether to post the request for an invite.

Oh sorry about that! I tagged you. Look for your notifications.

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I found his name and he’s a mergers and acquisition lawyer. I was covering…

yikes! I also had a lawyer guest get that nit picky with me as well. They are detail oriented and don’t realize how off putting that can be.